Social Media Tips For Real Estate Agents In 2013

One of the biggest challenges in the real estate business is simply coming up with new customers year in and year out. After all, most people only purchase one or two houses in their entire lives. That means realtors must spend plenty of time acquiring new customers and that, as any realtor will tell you, is not easy.

Fortunately, today’s social media explosion is opening up a whole new world of affordable and effective marketing tools for realtors. If you’re in the real estate business and are finding that the old standbys like calendars and magnets just aren’t doing the trick anymore you really need to look into promoting your services on social networks..

Find the Right Social Network
One of the biggest mistakes that social media newcomers make is saturating every network they can find with a flood of promotional content. As you might imagine, this is a terribly ineffective plan.
Social networks are similar to traditional media in the fact that all of them cover some very specific demographic niches. While there’s some overlap between LinkedIn and Twitter for example, both of them have some very specific audiences.  If you’re willing to spend some time researching who is using the various social networks, and why, you’ll be a lot more effective in promoting content on them.

Social Media Content for Realtors
Once you’ve identified your preferred social media, you’ll want to think about what type of content you’re going to be promoting on them. Remember, content is considered anything from a lengthy article on getting a home ready for sale to a few words on a new house listing.

In most cases, you’ll probably want to use a blog of some kind to sort of center for all your content. Setting up a blog on a site like Blogspot is incredibly easy and will cost you nothing. Once it’s up, you can link content to and from your social media sites and traditional website.

If you’re promoting the bigger content on a site like Twitter, you’ll want to post a short link (preferably using a link shortening service like Tinyurl.) When you’re promoting new listings on Twitter, a few words, a link, and a picture are plenty.

When posting on Facebook, use a shortened link back to your blog and keep things as short as possible.

Get Your Clients Involved
Social media is supposed to be social, so be certain to get as many of your clients, colleagues, and even family members involved as possible. Real estate agents can use contests and giveaways to get your clients to both join your network, and share your content.

The more your content is shared, the bigger your network is going to get...and the bigger the network, the more chance you’ll have at snaring new clients.

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Building on Social Success
One thing to realize about using social media to promote a real estate business is that the job never ends. Successful social media users keep the momentum going by not only posting their own content, but by interacting with others, too.

Give it some time, and you’ll be surprised at what an incredibly effective marketing tool social media can be.

Cindy Aragon is a social media consultant. She has worked with many small business owners for marketing promotion on social media sites.


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