SEO Tips for Guest Blogging

With changing SEO trends, guest blogging has become an extremely relevant device for enhancing the visibility of your website. From the perspective of website optimisation, this is a tool offering link building opportunities. Not only that, guest blogging even helps in spreading awareness about the existence of your company. Branding will further help in driving more relevant traffic towards your website. 

The authority of the host blog is crucial for increasing the social following because greater volume of readers will create a possibility of more circulation and promotion of your blog through social networking buttons. 

However, as a guest blogger you ought to know the SEO tactics to acquire more benefits. 
  • If you think anchor text with exact format is still vital, then you should change your thoughts. The tendency of exactness in anchor text has lost its significance as well as effectiveness. It’s time to bring variation to the anchors. The idea is to be creative, so without using the exact terms opt for partial match and synonyms. This will make your links strong and at the same time you will receive better coverage through your guest blogging
On the other hand, if you are reluctant in using anchor text then it is a big mistake. You are in the verge of losing a large traffic and at the same time opportunity to make profit. So, do not compromise, rather upgrade the nature of the anchor to optimise your website.
  • Let’s talk about the nature of keyword insertion in the guest blog. Try to place a keyword in the title tag as that increases the relevancy of your post. You can bring variation and add it in the title which will not only appeal the users but it also optimise your blog for the purpose of SEO. Moreover, with the upcoming Google update, guest blogging needs to change to keep up with the pace. Rather than ranking through a specific keyword as anchor text, try to be natural in your linking process. There are always chances of pennalisation, if Google finds unnatural link building tendency. 
As a word of advice, try to put a link in any of the first three paragraphs of the content because Google values links that appear earlier than those that come later on.
  • The URL of your blog is important for SEO. For instance, when you are looking for a host in order to publish your blog, try to stick to your domain. You can even approach those blog owners who deal with your subject. These will help you to receive a URL, which will make your link more relevant. This is one of the main reasons to incorporate a keyword in the title of the blog because it will be automatically shown in the domain. 
Guest blogging is one of the most demanding marketing strategies. By following these SEO tips and integrating a proper plan, your website will definitely be acknowledged in the virtual world. Hence, add variations and change your approach of guest blogging to get remarkable outcome. 

Samantha Brown is a freelance content writer. She loves to write on changing SEO trends and its effect on internet marketing. Readers can know about various positive features of guest posting services from her blogs.


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