Keyword Tips: From Short Tail to Long Tail

Keywords in a content is what bacon bits is to food. Simply sprinkle them, and the food, or in our case, the content gets exponentially better. However, you just don’t want to leverage your content with the first keyword that comes to mind. You also don’t want to use the first ones to come out of keyword tools, as they are what’s called short tail keywords. What’s trending these days is the efficacy of long tail keywords over their shorter alter ego. 

If the term long tail keyword doesn't ring a bell to you, then you have a problem. Because unless you want your content (that you've worked so hard to compose) to go unnoticed, you might want to learn how making them more visible by sprinkling long tail keywords.

There’s really not much into it but with the help of this infographic, it should be easier for you to convert your regular keyword into a long tail.

Short Tail to Long Tail

Robert D. Murawski is a long time SEO specialist. He blogs constantly for clients who wants to tap into his expertise. He recently have co-written several Pure Leverage reviews for a certain MLM training firm.


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