How YouTube can influence on your social exposure

YouTube, a property of Google, brings your brand increased social exposure, not only in searches made on YouTube, but also those made on Google. In addition, statistics have proven that images and videos are more captivating for most social media users; this explains why the use of YouTube videos is very powerful.

This article reveals the various ways of how to use YouTube boost your social exposure:

Building your subscriber Base:

This will be your starting point. You will have to invite people to subscribe to your channel. Once they subscribe, they will be able to receive notifications when you create and upload new videos and they will also stay updated with the up-to-the-minute news from your channel. If they like your content and videos, they will most certainly share them with other users.

To convert more visitors into subscribers, you ought to create credible and valuable content on your YouTube channel on a consistent basis. YouTube is not different from other content streams - it is imperative for you to create and upload videos on your channel over and over again. 

However, do not upload just any other video. The videos you upload must always be useful to your viewers, in a way that provokes thought, in a logical, compelling and fascinating manner.

Use Video Annotations

This may be a potentially dangerous and irritating method, hence use it in moderation. Too much of them will drive your viewers round the bend. Annotations are sticky notes that pop up on your video plays. 

You may either create a "spotlight annotation which links straight to your channel's subscriber page, and/or a "speech bubble" annotation placed below the subscription button. Tactically place the annotations in your videos; they will have a significant impact on your followership.

Make Use of Featured Channels

YouTube' "Featured Tab" allows you feature other channels that may be of interest to your viewers and visitors. Support and/or promote like-minded channels which are more popular than yours. 

Ask them to "Feature" your YouTube channel in their tabs. This is not only an effective way of generating linking, but it is also an excellent way of exposing your brand and getting you more YouTube views.

Be Socially Active

Do not solely concentrate on own channel. Interact with other YouTube users every day. Like, comment and subscribe to other channels. Build rapport and amity and always seek avenues to share and provide feedback.

Add a Widget/ Link to your Channel from your Blog.

Adding a widget, link or embedding YouTube into your blog, other social media channels or websites is a good way of funneling subscribers to your brand's YouTube channel. All these can be done in a few simple steps.

Another feature which most people ignore is that feature which lets you add a small image over the embedded videos you have on your blog. This feature makes it possible to subscribe to your YouTube channel while on your blog.

Quick Fix

For instant success, you may buy YouTube views from various dealers. A quick search online will provide you with websites that offer these services.

YouTube shares several similarities with other social media sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The secret is interaction. The more you interact, the more visible your brand will get.

Being a man of flexible and witty mind Roman can easily crack down all marketing challenges he comes across during his work. According to him one of the effective ways to boost social presence is to buy YouTube views. He is a keen blogger and the owner of a social media company Frozzo.


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