How Web Design Affects SEO

Most everyone that is familiar with the Internet knows a little about SEO and they understand how using keywords can help you find information or articles about specific topics. What you may not know is that it has a place in web design, too and anyone can benefit from using SEO. It’s not something that only companies or marketers use, it’s for anyone that wants to create an online presence.

When you use SEO in your web design, you greatly increase traffic to your site. It’s how people find you when they are searching for something related to your niche. Anytime you’re designing a new website, make SEO a top priority. It’s much easier if you implement it from the beginning but you can also add it to an existing site when updating it to give it a fresh, new look.

How Does Your Web Design Influence SEO

One of the biggest ways that your web design influences SEO is that it can affect your ranking. If you have anything such as a flash page that slows down your load time, it will hurt your ranking. Most people won’t wait for the page to load. Instead, they will simply click away and visit another site.
This could be because most everyone is in a hurry and on a tight deadline, so they just don’t have time to wait. Whatever the reason, each time someone clicks away from your site, it increases your bounce rate and that can hurt your SEO ranking. Therefore, you don’t want a design that makes your page load too slowly.

Ideas for Implementing SEO into Your Web Design

Now that you know how important it is to implement SEO into your web design, here are a few great ideas for doing it. Start by avoiding anything such as animation or flash that will slow down you load time or that takes away from the value of your content. You also want to keep your code clean by using short and simple filenames. This makes it easier for the search bots to scan your content and pages.

Another idea is to design your website for text. The content is what keeps visitors interested and coming back. Therefore, keep in mind where the text will be once the site is completed and you can add images around the content. You also want to use Meta tags and alt tags with your content and photos. Click here for more information on how that works.

SEO Helps to Attract the Right Kind of Traffic

When you use SEO in your web design, more people will find you but more importantly, the visitors will have a real interest in the information your site provides because they were searching the topic when they found you. SEO will also increase your traffic because more people can find you, instead of just running across your site by accident.

A website with an attractive design and one that is easy to maneuver through may help to keep visitors coming back but you need SEO in your web design to help visitors find you.
Do you have any ideas or information that you would like about creating an SEO web design?

Tim Mason is a web designer and SEO expert who enjoys sharing his knowledge with others through blogging.


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