How To Track YouTube Video Performance

Video is increasingly becoming part and parcel of everyone life especially those out to market their companies. Thanks to you tube which is the most popular video site. Marketers are taking advantage of the site which hosts videos from all over the world. As a merchandiser you do not just post your video on YouTube and sit back. It is important that you follow up to gauge its success in relation to your competitors. Tracking your videos online will help you know the exact number of YouTube views you are getting daily.

Track the number of views you get within a given period.

The purpose of posting videos on YouTube is for people to view them. As such gauging the number of views you get is mandatory for a serious entrepreneur who is on YouTube to make profit and not for mere fun. Using you tube analytic tools to measure your overall views will keep you on toes.

Check on the ratings
This is another effective ways to track your videos on you tube. More often than not, viewers will rate your videos after watching. These ratings will give you there honest opinion on what they feel about your production.

The number of likes and dislikes you have garnered over time will be displayed at the lowermost right corner of your video. These likes and dislikes should enable you to make the necessary adjustments to your video. It is through this that you get to discover what content thrills your audience and what really puts them off.

In addition the ratings will determine your ranks on search engines because you tube will use them to rank you.

Check on significant discovery events.
These are events that stood out and were probably watched more than the others. Usually people get to you tube via referrals. For instance if, a friend watched one of your movies on you tube and found it interesting he/she would probably recommend the video for others. Once you have known why several videos got more likes than others try to engage your audience, believe me their feedback helps a lot. You will be able to realize techniques and content that the audience in your niche enjoy.

Track traffic sources
These section of you tube insights will let you know how certain people got to watch your video on you tube. Did they do it through mobile applications, from within you tube, outside you tube or via direct traffic. This is important to help you in segmenting your traffic sources because you may be concentrating on sites that do not bring you any viewership. In case you intend to promote your videos in future you will be able to focus on sites that drive more traffic to your video.

Analyze your subscription rates
Try to use subscriber engagement for your videos on YouTube. When the number of subscriptions drop you should find out the reason. Lastly do not forget to use social sites like Facebook and twitter.

By now you definitely know the importance of being active on YouTube, monitoring subscription, tracking views and even the ratings. Remember video always sticks to the mind as compared to plain text, what you watch is better retained than what you read or just hear.

Visual marketing proves to be the most effective way for enlarging your audience or amount of your clients, depending on the kind of your activity. 
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