Here's 4 Easy (And Free) Ways To Build A Huge Keyword List

When it comes to search engine optimisation and driving traffic to your website there is little more important than having the right keywords. When you are putting your efforts into trying to get people to your website, the last thing you want to do is be targeting the wrong keywords.

Many people think that collecting keywords is hard work and expensive – however this is not the case. In many cases it is just a case of knowing what you are looking for and where to look for it. The information is out there to be found is it simply doing your best to get the right information.

One of the best things you can do is remember that research is key! These are things that cannot be rushed and not something that you should take lightly. The more time you spend on research looking for the right keywords and getting things right at the start of your advertising the campaign, the more successful your SEO campaign is going to be.

This is not a stage that you can rush – if you want your business and website to have the best possible chance at success then you need to do what you can to promote it properly and this is the best thing you can do!

Google Analytics

If you haven’t already made yourself aware of the Google Analytics tool then you need to make yourself familiar with it and get used to it. With Google Analytics you can look up loads of different information on keywords and the benefit that they could have to your SEO campaign.
The thing with Google Analytics is that you already have to have an idea of the keywords you are using. This tool allows you to set filters and look up what traffic is coming to your website and how it is getting there. That way you can look at what is working for you and what you need to change when it comes to getting the right traffic to your website.  It is a good idea to get familiar with this so that you can keep an eye on your campaign straight away.

The Google Keyword Tool

Of course before you get to this stage you need to look at keywords to use and get an idea of where to start. One of the best ways to do this is to make use of the Google Keyword Tool. This allows you to put in keywords, see how many people search for that keyword and what the competition is like for it (IE how many other websites are targeting it). The great thing about the Google Keyword Tool is that it also recommends other keywords that you could use.
When it comes to keywords we are often quite blinkered because we can only think of a certain amount of keywords. This tool opens up a whole new range of keywords & give you recommendations on other ways to get targeted traffic to your website.

Search Assist

When you start to type a phrase into Google you will see that it starts to ‘guess’ what you want to say. This isn’t just random; it is based on data on what other people are searching for.
This is a valuable (and free!) way for you to get an idea of what other people are searching for. Head to Google (or any other search engine) and start to type in your keyword – have a look at what other sentences and phrases come up.

You’ll be surprised at how many different ideas it throws up and what other people are searching for. The great thing about searching for keywords in this way is that you know it is what people are actually searching for - so you know they are worth putting your effort in to!

Looking At Negative Keywords

As much as it is important to know what keywords you need to be targeting, it is essential that you know what keywords to avoid. The last thing you want to do is assume that certain keywords will work for you – because then you are going to waste your time and effort into the wrong places.

While you are putting together a list of keywords to use, it is wise to put together a list of negative keywords – ones to avoid at all costs.

This is easier than you imagine and you can even find lists of them online. There are different reasons why a keyword might be considered negative – It could be blacklisted by Google, it could be that no one searches for them or any other reason. Whatever the reason, it is a keyword that you want to make sure you don’t use it.

Places to look include and

This just a short look at the simple and easy ways that you can look up keywords to use for your SEO campaign. Before you start any type of promotion and marketing it is essential that you look up all of these and do what you can to build up a solid list of keywords. Even if you don’t have the finances to target all of these at once, it is a good idea to know what you are going to be working on next.

Many people are tempted to rush this stage and thing that one or two keywords s going to be enough. However that is not the case. Business is tough and you really need to do what you can to make sure you stay ahead of your competition.

The best way you can do this is to make sure that when people are searching on Google – it is you that they find and not your competitors! The only way you can do this is to research your keywords properly and do your homework. Make use of these valuable (and free) tools because while you are doing that you are already a step ahead of most of your competition.

Robert Bell is a freelance writer who loves to write about SEO and other forms of online marketing. He also lends his pen to businesses like Qirina among various others.


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