Four New Trends In Affiliate Marketing

There are rumors that affiliate marketing is slowly dying. However, the truth is that affiliate marketing is much alive and continues to get better and better each passing day. There are new trends that emerging making the industry better and greater in terms of earning and trade. Every newbie or seasoned affiliate marketer should be on the lookout for these affiliate-marketing trends and make the very best out of them to earn much more. Making use of them gives one leverage to be way ahead of competition.

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Video Marketing

Research has shown that about ninety percent of all web traffic would be generated from video marketing campaigns. Video marketing has been in the arena for quite some time but many believe that this will become the in thing in affiliate marketing. The web is cluttered by too much stimuli that is targeting the same market as the affiliate marketer. Thus, the marketer has to compete for the dwindling attention with fellow competitors and other areas of interest. This factor is responsible for lower effectiveness of written material. Video marketing has to deliver entertaining content that is brief, informative and entertaining.

Mobile Marketing

One of the trends that have hit the technology market is an explosion of mobile phone devices. These devices include, tablets, iPads and Smartphones. They have penetrated even to the remote locations opening up new frontiers. Competition amongst mobile phone manufacturers has led to the development of smart devices with great capabilities. Every marketer is now positioning himself or herself to develop marketing campaigns targeting mobile phone user. The great thing about the campaign is the ability to reach millions at an instance in every location targeted.

Great Deals And Reward Programs

The general state of the world economy has been worsening each passing day. People everywhere are looking for areas where they could stretch their income or make an extra coin to contain the ever increasing needs. Smart marketers are coming up with good deals that would entice the target market to join the wagon. Likewise, good reward programs are pulling in a lot of traffic on the internet. For this year going forward, the expectation is rife that there will be so many great deals, savings and reward programs targeted to particular sectors of the market. A word of caution however, marketers should ensure that they come up with deals that are practical and can be satisfied. If it does not fulfil both requirements, there is a risk of having ones site regarded as scam and losing the much needed traffic.

Micro Payment Schemes 

People are taking less time online than before. Most are not spreading the word to friends on good deals online as before. Affiliate marketers have come up with ways of encouraging visitors to share out interesting content with others. One of the most popular methods is paying a user for every visitor he or she has referred to the site. Learn how you can even earn with this trend. There are plenty of Lyoness reviews, which can introduce you on how to turn this trend into income. A small payment will go a long way into creating a buzz in the internet. This in turn will bring forth traffic. Micropayment scheme is one of the trends to watch this year.

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