Five Ways To Know If Your SEO Company Is Doing A Good Job

If you dish out the money to hire an SEO company then you certainly want to be sure that you are getting what you've paid for. To make sure that you aren't eating the cost of their labor check out these tips below and learn how you can tell whether or not your SEO company is doing a good job.

1. Research your SEO company

Before you even decided to hire your SEO company you should have researched them to see what kind of track record they had. Did they keep their promises to other companies; do they have good/great reviews? 

Even if you skipped this step before going with a company don’t hesitate to do it now. Go and look to see if they are getting positive reviews. Do a listings search and see what people are saying about them. Is it good, bad or has no one said anything at all? 
Really looking into the company’s reputation is a good way to gage what type of work they could be doing for you.

2. Communication

You want to make sure you have chosen a company that is going to stay in communication with you. They have to know what’s going on with your company in order to best be able to serve you and you want to know what’s going on with them to determine whether or not they are doing their job as well as they could. 

You should not be the one constantly having to reach out to them to see how things are coming along. They should keep you informed and provide you with depth reports that you can look over to evaluate their work. You should be getting a wide range of reports showing all of the different work they've done.

3. Evaluate the backlinks

Backlinks are what alerts a search engine about your site. The more you have, the better but only if they are relevant to your niche. If your SEO company is telling you that they have created a bunch of backlinks to your site that’s good news. However if those links aren't surrounded by good, relevant content they aren’t doing their job correctly. 

You want links that are attached to high-quality content so that the right people are seeing them and looking to your site for more information. If you specialize in carpet-cleaning and your link is buried in an article about dental health then viewers will read that as spam—and for the most part it is. You won’t attract customers if they feel misled or cheated in anyway so make sure your links are connected to content that counts.

4. Know exactly what they are doing

As their client, you have every right to know how they plan to carry out the promises they've made. If they say they will double your search engine rankings, ask them how they think they can achieve that and don’t allow them to spit jargon at you leaving you clueless.  

You aren't asking them for details for asking’s sake, you are asking because if they can tell you what they plan to do and how they will do you, you know that they have a strategy in place. Also if it doesn't work out in the end, you know that you need a different route in the future.

5. The results are in and…

The best way to know if your company is working hard or hardly working, is to take a look at the results. Take the time to go over the charts, graphs and data they have given to see how their strategies are or are not working. Compare those to where your site was before they were hired and you should be able to gage the type progress they've made.  Of course you want to give them some time to deliver. 

If it has only been a month then there probably just hasn't been enough time to see any real changes; if it could happen overnight you wouldn't need an SEO company to begin with. But if a considerate amount of time has passed—a few months or so—and you still aren't seeing positive movement in your rankings, or any additional traffic to your website then you may consider moving on. After all, you are hiring them to make positive changes and if their work isn't reflecting that, you should consider taking your business elsewhere.

Ricardo Casas is the CEO and founder of Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin web design firm. Fahrenheit Marketing provides its clients with a full range of online marketing capabilities including website development, search engine optimization, and mobile app design.


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