Five Ways Infographics Can Help Your Marketing Campaign

Infographicsare the way to go on the Internet for marketing. This is because the average Internet consumer has an average attention span of about 4 seconds. As a result, if you can deliver an idea in a visual way with a graph or other chart really quickly, people glancing at it could be instantly hooked in. There are a few tips that will help you make this happen.

Match Keywords with Infographics
If you add an infographic to your marketing campaign, make sure that it's related to the keywords that you use in the piece or in the campaign. So for example, if you're marketing something to do with Android, make sure that you have an infographic that has a “how many people in the U.S. Use Android” pie chart or something similar. Remember, if people get bored or decide your infographic doesn't match up with what they're searching for, they will definitely go elsewhere.

Pairs Infographics with Social Media
As long as you have a link or brand message somewhere on the site or even directly on the infographic itself, making it go viral on social media is the way to go. That way, people can “like” the graphic if they think it's interesting on Facebook, and you'll get tons of people who are interested in the topic to do your marketting for you, essentially. Think of it as an unspoken agreement between you and the crowds of the Internet.

Add Grounding to a Site
Infographics are at their best when they have solid info, and that's a way they will add the most value if you have good sources. So any time you make an infographic, make sure that you doublecheck the source the data is coming from first. If it's generally well known fact, it may be worth at least checking it somewhere like Snopes.

Make Your Site Pop
It's a sad fact that a lot of people on the Internet will just scan a site for the pictures, if they don't find anything that interests them they'll immediately go elsewhere. You can really get the idea of your marketing campaign across real quick and in a way that keeps people interested with the right graphic. If you're doing marketing for a Green company, for example, if you have an infographic about the steep  increase in greenhouse gases, then people who like the graphic will be more inclined to buy Green technology.  It's getting the attention of people who will be interested in your brand that's the important thing.

Add Style
Infographics don't have to be all serious either. You can use some toolsto make infographics of any stripe. You can have infographics that make fun of a particular concept, like “percentage of people who hate this show” and then have it just be one solid pie indicating everyone. If you're doing a marketing campaign related to a different better show, then this could be a way to get people interested.

The main thing to note about infographics is that they are incredibly versatile. If you can find the right tools and get some experience with them, all you have to do then is add in a little creativity and they can do wonders for your marketing strategy.

Author Bio -  This is a guest post by freelance writer and occasional guest poster Jeremie Brenton for Check out their amazing animated infographics if you are looking for something spectacular for your campaign. 


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