Facebook Marketing Strategy For Real Estate Agents

While Facebook is typically used to stay connected with friends, family and old college chums, many real estate agents and private home sellers are turning to this popular social media channel to market their properties. If you would like to use Facebook to sell your house, you have to do more than just make an announcement that you have a home for sale. Here are a few ways you can make the most of Facebook when selling your home.

Post Photos of Your Home
You probably are already posting personal photos on social media so why not upload a few good quality photos of your home? People love looking and photos and with any luck a friend of a friend on Facebook will see the photos of your home and will want to get in touch with you so they can take a tour. Take the time to snap photos of your home's best features on both the inside and outside. You're even allowed to include text with uploaded Facebook photos so do a bit of bragging and explain how your family has enjoyed living in your home and why.

Create a Website for your Home 
In order to spread the news effectively on Facebook to let people know you're selling, create a simple website. On your site, describe your home in detail and include many high quality photos of the inside and outside of your home. You could even make some short videos of your home and post them on your site. It's cheap and easy to make a website and it only costs a small amount of money to get it on the web. Once you have your site created, start posting the link to your site on your Facebook page and ask your friends to share the link with their friends.

Make Use of Facebook Ads
If you're willing to spend a bit of money beyond what it costs you to advertise in local papers, consider using Facebook ads. You can easily create an ad that goes to your website that's showcasing your home. The great thing about Facebook ads is that you're able to target users according to location, age, gender, education, etc. Your title has to really grab the attention of users so make it alluring so that people will click on it to see your home. 

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Use a Real Estate Agency that Uses Facebook Regularly
If you're not so crazy about using Facebook yourself to market your home, consider finding a local real estate agent that is very active on Facebook and other top social media networking sites like Twitter and Google+. It's not at all uncommon today for even the smallest agency to post all their homes for sale on their Facebook pages complete with photos, descriptions and asking prices. You may be surprised to find that several prospective buyers will want to see your home in person after viewing photos of it on an agency's Facebook page. 

Alice Simas is a realtor in Arizona. She also blogs about housing market and real estate investing.


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