“Ecommerce is an evolution, a holy grail of retail” has been rightly said, the term which we use with a greater frequency in our daily life, can be simplified as the giant digital platform for conducting business in all fields, from buying and selling to complete transaction of money. 

It has its applications in Data Interchange, Supply Chain Management, Internet Marketing, many endless services like e-banking-ticketing, teleconferencing, online shopping etc. Ecommerce has affected the whole chain of business organizations say from blue collar workers who work on automated machines to the office worker using computer technology, enterprise planning resource system, intranets, extranets, web technology and ecommerce.

Ecommerce is the digitally enablement of transactions and processes within a firm which intersects with e-business at the boundary at the point where internal business link up with suppliers. Ecommerce marketplace extends beyond the traditional boundaries of geography and time and becomes simpler faster and more accurate process to reach the worldwide customers. Ecommerce is a boon to the modern world in all kinds of business dealings one of which is “e-retailing”.


Now what is e-retailing? The explanations follows here as that e-retailing is the use of technology such as computers and others networks to sell a wide range of products and services online throughout the world with increase in profits and decrease in work through banners word of mouth, social media marketing to generate adequate bottomline. 

To be more specific it’s Online Shopping; being practiced by hundreds of people now and then to save time, for more discounts and product specific demand often unavailable near stores. Online purchases are achieving a hike day by day, thus increasing sales and consequently enforcing the physical store owners to open an online store. The fact that online shopping is getting popularized and the retailers are finding online retailing an edge over traditional stores can be understood from the following aspects.

Benefits of Modern Day Retailers from ecommerce (e-retailing)

Now by this time you must be wondering about the actual benefits which the retailers can gain from building their online store and can take the utmost advantage from online business to maximize their profits. Just have a careful glance over the following article to get rid over all your speculations:

1) Global reach:

If you have an online store the world becomes a playground where you can sell your physical products to any customers at any time irrespective of the geographical limitations, legal boundaries thus facilitating you conduct business on a large scale throughout the web.

2) Reduced staff:

Setting up an online retail store sets you free of hiring salespersons, floor staffs, cashiers, instead the website proves to be a powerful marketing tool.

3) Customer outsourcing:

Customers work a lot on shopping websites to purchase product which is done by employees in a physical store saving work or any such type of manpower required for such operational activities, thus saving cost on wages and salaries.

4) Acquiring New customers:

An online store drives a large amount of customer traffic through search a engine which becomes a tipping point for online businesses. Suppose a customer follows a link on search engines (a usual activity) a and lands on a ecommerce website they had never heard of.

5) Round the clock business:

Ecommerce run all the time and nowadays store timings are 24*7*365 which comes up with more orders and “an always open store”

6) Low cost of maintenance:

Ecommerce websites are self-automated and hence an online retailer ends up lower cost of maintenance in terms of personnel, marketing and advertisement charges, whereas a part of the saved costs can be passed to the customers in the form of discounted rates, coupons etc.making them happy to generate future sales.

7) Brand establishment :

With the exposure of the website brand strength is build which is spread worldwide.

Thus now onwards you can easily understand the moment you hear of e-retailing or e-shopping, ecommerce has been a great tool for diversifying the business to customers, to clients which comes with building relationships, dealings and the most important-THE PROFIT.

Author bio: Abhisek Kumar is CTO of iQeCommerce shopping cart software . iQeCommerce is an seo shopping cart with 100 of inbuilt features. Try 14 days trail.


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