Do You Have The Skills And Knowledge To Start A Successful SEO Agency? Take This Test

You see so many SEO services advertised on the internet these days that it is easy to believe starting your own agency would not be that difficult. You have probably used a lot of SEO services yourself and because of this you have a good idea of what they do and how they do it.

SEO is all about getting results and getting them in a way that is not going to hurt your business long term. You might believe you are ready to start your own SEO agency, but are you really? We have laid out a simple test for you to take. Take a careful look and see where you measure up.

Do you know what type of SEO methods you would use to get results for clients and have you tested them already to prove they work?

Your clients are going to lay out there hard earned money to you because they see you as an investment. Clients will want to believe you possess the skills they do not in order to get them good search engine rankings.

The better you are able to do this the more you can charge and the more people will come your way as a result. The thing is you cannot rely on just one method to get results for your clients. In fact this is the easiest way to ensure you struggle.

What you are going to need are several methods, because depending on what you are trying to rank for a client a given method might only get them so far. So what you need to do is first have several methods. The next thing you need to do is test them to see if they work. Once you know that your methods work then you can offer your services to clients with no problems at all.

You can also continuously work to refine and improve your methods so that they stay effective.

Do you know what you can charge for services and have you had a look at what the competition is charging?

Here is the reality, your competition is going to be charging really low prices most of the time because their goal is to get as many clients as they can. But if you can actually do what you are saying you can as an SEO provider then you can charge some really high prices and people will be beating down your door to pay for them. In fact they will likely use you again and again in the future and recommend you to other people. You must first know what you are worth though. Here are some ways to determine this:
  • What are you going to be providing for clients? Are you going to get them to the top five listings of Google? Are you going to help them show up on specific websites? Are you going to optimize their website in such a way that people have an easy time finding what they are looking for? Obviously if you could promise people top five placement on Google you could charge potentially thousands, but only if you deliver. Other services will not be worth as much, but if they help provide a spike in traffic then this has a lot of value.
  • Will your methods help people rank for tough keywords or only for ones that are light competition? Tough keywords are the ones that a lot of people are willing to use all sorts of methods to rank for. People are willing to risk their website just for the chance to rank for certain keywords just for a short period of time. If you have the ability to get people ranking for ultra competitive keywords then you can charge a lot of money. But if you have to make your focus around keywords that are not as competitive, then your prices cannot be as high.
  • How much money do you stand to make someone if you get them the results they want? This is probably one of the most effective ways to know what you should be charging for your SEO services. If someone stands to make tens of thousands of dollars based on the placement you are able to get them then they should compensate you a nice sum for this. For some keywords getting to the top of Google could mean a five figure a month business that requires very little work. The revenue you could help clients make is a big deal.
Do you have the skills to deliver what you are promising to clients and if not do you have an alternative?

There are actually a lot of companies out there that can help you with SEO services. But these places might charge more money then you are willing to spend. So what you might want to do instead is create a team of professionals that you know have the skills to provide what you might not be able to. You would just need to make sure you knew what their abilities were and that they were true professionals. But if you know what you are doing then this does not apply to you.

What type of SEO agency are you trying to start, meaning is it a true brick and mortar business or one operated from home?

If your goal is to start up a true SEO agency then you will need to have a business name. A business name that sounds professional is important. You will also need to hire employees, which will require you to have to work hard to look for people. If your goal is to operate your SEO firm from home though then the requirements are less. You will need a website, professionals to help you because you cannot do all the work yourself, a way to advertise your services, industry knowledge, and a few tools to help speed certain processes up.

As long as you have the knowledge to start up an SEO agency then you have a good chance at being successful. Just know that SEO is always changing and there is a lot of work required in order to stay on top of things. You will need to do this in order to be successful long term.

Adam Palmer is a freelance writer who is keen about SEO, online marketing, private label seo, site management and online advertising.


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