7 Secrets of Choosing the Web Host

It seems like an easy task to set up a business online – you simply need to publish a website and wait for people to place their orders. Unfortunately, it isn't that simple to survive in the online world of business. The reason is that even if you have a website, you will have to make it visible to your target audience, and once they have located it, they should find it easy to explore different sections on your website. It means you have to pay attention to everything, right from designing a website in an aesthetically pleasing way and keeping it informative for your target audience to optimizing it for search engines and uploading it using a fast and reliable web host. 

Many people often overlook the issue of finding the right host, and that's mainly because they don't understand the difference it can make. Imagine you have the most attractive website stuffed with all the very best graphics – what difference will it make to your business if your visitors have to wait for several minutes before they could jump from one page to another? That's where the quality of a web host comes into picture. 

To clinch a perfect deal, you should understand some secrets that commercial web hosts hope you will never know.
  • The top secret to choosing the best web host is to first determine your exact needs. Do you own a small business? Do you require a website that informs your audience about hundreds of products? What should be the right speed considering the size of your website? What is the bandwidth required to keep your website active? You need to get answers to all these questions to be able to determine your exact needs – then compare your needs with different web hosting packages and make a choice. 
  • Never forget to check the exact data transfer (bandwidth) limit. The thing you should bear in mind is that so many commercial web hosts try to take your business by advertising "unlimited bandwidth". This doesn't happen in the real world. It is so because every web host has to pay something for the bandwidth, which means that their cost will increase if they let you use unlimited bandwidth. That's why you will often find high bandwidth sites carping about exorbitant bill – they have to pay it for 'exceeding' their 'unlimited bandwidth' limit. Therefore, you should always check all details and know exactly how much traffic or bandwidth the package offers. 
  • At the time of checking the list of different service providers, you should also keep in mind the experience you have in planning a small website. Not all web hosts are going to help you with your websites. The secret to finding the best deal is to choose the web host that has ispCP, cPanel, or ISPConfig with a system that allows you to start your own forum or blog with a few clicks. 
  • For maximum satisfaction, make sure you select the web host after investigating the uploading method. Generally, you will have to use an online manager, but that takes a lot of time, especially compared to FTP, which offers more flexibility. Nevertheless, you should know your requirements, and if you lack the technical expertise, an online manager may come in handy. 
  • If you know your products are good and you have already invested enough money on advertising, you can expect your business to grow in the near future. That's why it is sometimes necessary to consider your future growth while selecting a web host. Ideally, you should always leave some room for growth and opt for extra space – but you should be able to draw a line and avoid overbuying. It means some web hosts would try to sell packages up to 25 GB, but it's just a waste of money to opt for this package if your website only uses 2% of that space. So, consider the room for growth but be sure to make a sensible decision. 
  • Considering the competition in the online world, it makes sense to pick a web host that comes with different SEO features. You can use these features to optimize your website in an easy way – they will enjoy better visibility in search engines and you will experience an increase in traffic. 
  • Under no circumstances should you be choosing a web host with shoddy support services – it's an important secret to selecting the best service provider. The reason is that even if a company is offering you the best deal along with huge space and other impressive features, you will need some support to use them all. On paper, a deal may look quite impressive, but you should know that most web hosts oversell their servers – it means hundreds of users would try to contact them using one support number. This will make you wait, which is only going to hurt your business in a bad way. Make sure you consider this point and opt for a web host with 24/7 telephone support, and 24 hours reply email support. Don’t just believe their words – do your own research, check some reviews, read their testimonials and then decide.

Author’s bio: The guest post is written by Sonia Jackson from http://www.essays.mightystudents.com She writes essays on different topics and can give you useful advice.


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