5 Basic Principles Of Explosive Viral Campaigns

Any kind of internet marketing can be successful if executed seamlessly and correctly. But some businesses chose to achieve the maximum number of exposure possible, with the minimal amount of time. The solution to this? Viral marketing.

“Going Viral”, as they call it, involves a little push and aggressiveness in order for it to succeed. But here are some simple tips to make sure that your contents reaches that viral status that you desire.

Achieve Quality Content
Everything always starts with quality content. Always make sure that your content is fresh, relevant, and that it tickles the interest of your target audience well. Just “good” content is not enough. You have to make it the best that you can. When you do, a large number of users will be surely interested in the content that you posted, and will surely encourage them to share it with others, and link back to your website.

Focus On Simplicity
Don’t make your content overly complicated, though. Always keep it simple. One of your main goals is to keep it relevant, but easily accessible. Whatever media you choose, it’s just basically a container to hold your message, so the simplicity of it will make it much easier for others to understand it, thus, it will surely encourage them to share it. Keep your content into a level that everyone can easily grasp the idea.

Always Strive For Uniqueness
As much as possible, do try to keep your content as unique and innovative as possible, so that you can minimize the chances of you having a competition from others. Most people prefer something unique, fresh, and something that they have never seen before, so always take advantage of that. The uniqueness of your content is one very important factor for users to decide if your content is share-worthy or not.

Take Advantage Of Bookmark Links
This is very important. Do NOT forget to add an “Add To Bookmark” link on your page so that interested users can easily add your page to their Bookmarks tab. This is to encourage “repeat” visitors, or people who always come back to your site over and over again, so that they can view even more interesting things about your website.

Tap Into The Power of Social Media
Finally, do not neglect the importance of social media in your marketing campaign, especially if you’re going viral. Social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and like, have millions and millions of users logging in, so by taking advantage of these social media sites, you increase the chances of your content being shared. 

Therefore, placing a widget link for Facebook, Twitter, or the like, is a must, as this will encourage users into sharing your content on their page easily. However, do not bog down your website with lots of social media widget links, as this can lead to layout clutter, thus, your website might look unpresentable, which will only put off viewers from reading your content, instead of being more attracted to it.

About the Author: Elaine Ryder is an online writer who currently writes and does a lot of SEO stuff for prismicreflections.com. Deep down, she's also an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to achieve and help people reach success through the internet.


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