21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

Here are twenty one ways that you may increase the traffic to your blog. The most important thing you should remember is that your blog must be targeted. You must target one audience only. You must then make sure that you know your blog inside and out. You must know what makes them tick, what they do other than read blogs, and must know what they look for in a blog. If you are targeting just one specific audience, then even your blog quality will not matter. 

For example, if you are one of the few bloggers who is still cooking up new code formations in old-school C programmer language, then your audience is going to be fairly rare, but so is your competition. This means your audience is going to be hungry! So, even if your blog was awful and talks about your mothers hairy legs throughout, the audience will still tune into your blog for your snippets of C programmer advice, such as how to open and close a browser window in C.

1 - Start a Twitter campaign
This is not too difficult. All you have to do is make two or three Tweets about your blog every day. You do not even have to create good Tweets. Just Twitter away and you will grab the attention of a few people every day.

2 - Do keyword research for your tagged words
This involves using keyword tools, trend tools, and good old fashioned keywords research. Pick the ones that you think your target audience is going to like.

3 - Add images and have them listed on Google images
This has an SEO benefit and a direct traffic benefit. The links from Google images are good for your SEO, and the direct traffic from people seeing the images is also pretty handy

4 - Use PPC advertisin
If you are willing to pay for your traffic, then this method of advertising is going to draw lots of traffic. In fact, you may draw as much traffic as your budget will allow. 

5 - Guest blog post on other blogs
This is becoming an old trick, but it is still reliable. You write a guest post, put it on another person’s blog, and the SEO benefits may be felt within a week or two. You may also get a bit of direct traffic too.

6 - Write quality content that appeals to a target audienc
High quality means that it has something useful within it. If it has a use for your target audience, then it is high quality. Do not pander to the audience, but at least make sure you engage them.

7 - Start a Facebook campaign
Start a fan page and post something around three times per week. Do not make it all promotional, just make it interesting. Your goal is to draw people from Facebook to your website. It is not your aim to use Facebook as a free advertising platform.

8 - Make absolutely sure your blog is as reader friendly as possible
This means having reasonably sized text, with colors that are not offensive to the eye. It means splitting paragraphs to make them easier to read, and means that you remember the rules on white space.

9 - Create, build and maintain a blogging brand
Create a brand logo and use it as your ambassador on your own website and on every other website that you visit. Build up brand principals so that people know what your blog is all about.

10 - Link to your blog from related websites
If your blog is about shoes, then link from fashion websites, shoe making websites, and shoe repair websites. Link from sites that are related to your blog, but not from competing blogs.

11 - Remove any affiliate advertising
People do not like affiliate advertising, and they are not too keen on revisiting websites that are full of it. All you need to do is remove it, and the little offensive adverts that scare off your viewers will no longer haunt your blog.

12 - Add an RSS feed widget to your website
If you are running a blog and do not have an RSS feed, then you seriously need to install one right now. Research into how they work and then install one. Even if you have never used an RSS feed in your life, there are millions of people that use them every day.

13 - Sign up for the Google+ authorship program
This will allow you to put your Google+ profile picture next to the posts that appear on their search engine results. It also allows people to track the articles and posts you have done, which will eventually lead to more traffic for your blog.

14 - Install a comment section that may be read by the search engines
Comment sections with a “No-Follow” tag are not as heavily attended as ones that allow the search engines to read links. You will receive a bit of spam, but will also receive more traffic.

15 - Start a newsletter and publish once per month
You can put the sign-up section at the end of every blog post you write. You then send out a monthly newsletter, telling people what they have missed, and what you have in store for next month.

16 - Use reciprocal linking and promotion
It is quite common to have people promote your blog for you, and you can always offer to promote their blog in return. That is called reciprocal promotion, and you can do a similar thing with reciprocal links too.

17 - Ask your readers for advice or run a poll
Your readers may have suggestions as to why your blog is not as heavily attended as it could be. You could also run polls to see if people would like certain changes, e.g. should I write about X more or XX more.

18 - Add a share button to your website
This is a very common widget that is used to share parts (or all) of your blog post across the social media. It allows people to see your blog posts, with the hope that they may visit your blog.

19 - Reveal and steal the links of your blog’s competitors
Go to their blog and use a backlink checker tool. See who has linked to them, then go to those domains and try to link from them yourself. 

20 - Link to your site from question and answer website
You are able to answer questions on question and answer websites, and on many occasions you are allowed to link from those sites. The links may be followed in order to increase your traffic.

21 - Participate within the online community
Getting involved in forums and comment sections is a good way of making online friends. You may then have them look at your blog and maybe even link to it. If you are lucky, then they may spread the word via social media too, thereby increasing your traffic numbers.

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