10 Tips To Help Your Law Firm Take Advantage Of Chat Marketing

Chat marketing is the latest craze. It seems as if every website has “a live associate standing by,” waiting to assist potential customers and clients. Chat marketing, also known as viral marketing, uses people to reach people through digital media. On the one end are associates or experts who help to sell a product or service, and on the other end are customers or clients who stumble across a website with the intention to buy a product or service. 

Although some would argue that chat marketing is invasive and excessive, it can be extremely informative and efficient, letting potential customers or clients know what products or services you offer and why your products or services are better than someone else’s. Chat marketing is particularly advantageous to a law firm for the following reasons:
  • You can give clients the immediate attention and care they need
  • You can build client trust and confidence
  • You can get an edge over competitors
  • You can expand your client reach
  • You can save time and money
Therefore, your law firm should use chat marketing. Here are ten tips to help your law firm take advantage of what chat marketing has to offer.

Create an Appropriate Website
Know your audience. They are looking for a professional website that is easy to read and easy to navigate. Display important features and functions clearly. You should include the following features and functions in your website:
  • Blog
  • About
  • Contact
However, there are many other features and functions you can include in your website. The more time and attention you spend on your website, the better.

Include a Forum in Your Website
Your audience needs a place to post questions and find answers to questions they have. Include a list of questions and answers for the most frequently asked questions. Forums boost client confidence by showing that you know what questions are most frequently asked and that you care enough to answer those questions without being asked.

Include a Chat Room in Your Website
Your audience also needs a place to talk to others about their questions and concerns with others. Unlike in a forum, in a chatroom they can receive an immediate response. Having a chat room also boosts client confidence, and it also builds a sense of community, which is essential to attracting clients by word of mouth.  

Use Email to Showcase Your Website
Now that you have a website, you need clients to visit it. Email can be used to attract potential clients to your website.

Use Texting to Showcase Your Website
You can also use texting to attract potential clients to your website.

Use Social Networking to Showcase Your Website
Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are also effective ways to attract potential clients to your website.

Provide Expertise
Do not outsource your calls to India, a common mistake that many chat marketers make. Use experts who will be able to understand and educate your clients.

Provide Free Advice
Your clients will appreciate free advice. This will also encourage and incentivize them to spend their hard-earned money on more important services, such as legal research or representation.

Schedule Chat Sessions
Scheduling chat sessions on a regular basis will allow clients, both present and potential, to feel secure about the services you are offering. This opportunity will allow clients to share stories with each other, which fosters confidence and a sense of community.

Schedule a Seminar
Scheduling a seminar will also allow clients, both present and potential, to feel secure about the services you are offering. You can also take this opportunity to educate clients about the services you offer and the legal areas you cover.

Paul Colley is a lawyer at Colley & Colley, LLP in Austin, TX. There, he specializes in personal injury and business law.


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