Understanding Attribution Modeling & How It's Useful To SEO

When it comes to marketing on the Internet, there are a few components that you are going to need to understand in order to be successful. One of the key components to visibility is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. By properly placing keywords at certain points in an image, text or video, you can successfully bring your website up higher in the search engine rankings

Useful To SEO

There are a couple of other things that you can do as well, however. Considered to be a cost-effective form of marketing, SEO is widely used by businesses and bloggers alike to ensure that their websites get the amount of views and web traffic that they need. In many ways, it is like a low-cost form of advertising.

Attribution Modeling

In its most basic sense, attribution modeling means having a look at the customer's journey from learning about your product or service, to actually buying it and using it. Attribution modeling is a way of determining what the customer goes through in order to get to your particular product or service. It examines the journey and sees how marketers can ensure that more and more people are able to take advantage of the services that you offer them.

Is It Worth It?

With attribution modeling, marketers will see if it really is worth using other channels of marketing (aside from SEO) in order to promote a particular product. Another question many marketers may ask is with regards to paid marketing. 

They may get a lot of views from their paid marketing efforts, but these efforts rarely lead to a conversation. As a result, attribution modeling can determine whether this is really a road worth going down when it comes to getting yourself out there on the Internet.

Ultimately, you will also be able to determine the kind of keywords that people are using in order to research your product. Understanding this is, in fact, one of the keys to successful SEO. If you can put in the exact keywords that people use in search engines, then you will be more than likely to get a higher rate of views and even conversation. This is primarily due to people finding exactly what they are looking for.

Google Analytics

Anyone who uses Google Analytics can make sure of the Attribution Modeling tool to answer these previous questions. Google Analytics will be able to take a look at the different things that you are doing in order to get conversion and get the customers that your business needs. Having a tool that can examine the best ways of getting customers to convert is also going to benefit you greatly.

All on SEO

A lot of marketers will already put a lot of weight on SEO. As a fundamental and important part of Internet marketing, it is something you should focus a considerable amount of energy on. With Attribution Modeling, you will be able to do this to a much greater level of efficiency and effectiveness.

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