Tips For The Next Update That Will Send A Shockwave In SEO

Today Google's Matt Cutts posted that a Penguin update is just around the corner and he has anticipated that this update will be one of the most talked about updates in 2013.

Penguin looks at unnatural backlink profiles so those websites who are doing SEO and have very heavy anchor text will most likely get penalised in Google.

What To Do To Prepare For This Update?

Well, a rule of thumb for anchor text distribution is that no more than 25% of your backlinks should be keyword rich the rest of them either need to be your brand or URL or they need to be something random or generic eg- visit this SEO site, click here for more information.

If any of your websites have a very dense keyword anchor text profile i would suggest contacting the websmasters of the websites and amending the anchor text.

In order to be an authority in your industry Google will love to see your brand mentioned across hundreds of websites and not keywords linking to you.

This is what SEO is all about, building up your brand and not building links.

Now is the most important time for people to get used to best practices with SEO, if you don't i would suggest adopting this now before the next Penguin cleans out a lot of poorly SEO'd websites.


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