The Importance of Keyword Research in SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process to get more visibility for a website in search results. The search results provide content in the form of text, images and videos but the user may not always get the desired content probably because of the wrong keyword search. An average web user might not have enough knowledge on how to search with the correct keywords

The Importance of Keyword Research in SEO

To get the most useful result, the user needs to put the exact keywords or phrases in the search bar of the engines. Webmasters should pay attention to keywords about the product or service when developing websites or else it will be a waste and loss of money.

Keywords are small words or groups of words that represent the whole website in its short form. It may be a single word, phrase or long group of words depending on the uniqueness or identity of a product, service or any other information. The search results give negative results when keywords are mismatched or mistyped in the search engines.

The Ways to Optimize Keywords for SEO:
There are many online keyword research tools available both free and paid. However before preparing for a website, the webmasters can do a simple self research to get a list of possible keywords on the topic. People with good vocabulary and word power can find several keywords without resorting to any outside web search. With some keywords in mind, the website may be filled with good content incorporating the keywords without over using it anywhere.

            One of the best known free keyword research tools available is the Google Adwords' Keyword research tool. When a sample keyword is typed in the search box of Google Keyword tool, it gives three factors, Competition, Global Monthly Searches and the Local Monthly searches. The Competition row may show high, medium or low but choosing the high or medium competition keywords will help the website to rank better. Similarly keywords with large monthly searches should be chosen and those with low search results may be discarded.

            Another free keyword research tool is the Wordtracker's keyword tool trial version. It has many limitations, there is a maximum of 20 keywords that can be typed in its search box and the free results are not clearly shown in the page. Therefore it can be best known as a paid keyword research tool.

            A very good paid keyword research tool widely used by SEO experts is the Market Samurai. It is a complete SEO tool besides having an excellent keyword research module. It analyzes the keyword using several custom metrics. The user will be able to look the top 10 search engine results for the keyword and phrases to get a detailed description of several SEO factors. 

            Among the paid keyword research tools, Keyword Discovery tool is worth mentioning. It has lower monthly fees when compared to other keyword tools and its interface is nice and simple. It compiles keyword search statistics from more than 180 search engines. Other leading paid tools include Keyword Spy, WordZe, SEMCompete and SEMRush.

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