The Importance Of Collecting And Building A Big Email List

Why You Must Build An Email List ???  The strongest asset and most integral element for an online business is the email list. Through list building, you simultaneously build the foundation for an online business that is profitable and will last.   Many online business owners get this wrong. 

They will put all of their effort into traffic. It is said over and over in online marketing, the money is in the list. By focusing on traffic and not collecting emails, marketers miss the most viable aspect of their business. If traffic is not converted into subscribers, the traffic will not create success.

A large email list does not automatically guarantee money though. Scammers would be multimillionaires if it were that easy. It is more true to say that the money is in the relationship one has with the list. To be successful, you need to understand what your subscribers need. You can foster your relationship with your list by providing them valuable information. This will make them more likely to buy your products. Maintaining a strong relationship with your list is how you earn money automatically for long periods of time. 

Paid Traffic Equals Highly Targeted Customers 

A tough obstacle many online businesses face with list building is building a list that responds. Even if you have a large list, thousands and thousands of subscribers, it is only as good as the subscribers who open the emails and buy your products or services. 20% is the average open rate. Getting highly targeted traffic to your site can raise the open rate. 

However, getting targeted traffic is hard using free methods. Due to this, you should by traffic. The open rate goes up to 50% with paid traffic because these people are interested in what you have to offer. View the money you spend on targeted traffic as a capital investment. You will earn your money back through them. 

There are three steps you must take to convert your paid traffic into subscribers who will stay with you long-term: 
  • 1. Offer your paid traffic something free and beneficial in your ad campaigns. 
  • 2. Show them how your product or service will benefit them. 
  • 3. Have outstanding customer service. 

Essentials To Build An Email List 

Building an email list of responsive subscribers should be your priority. After you have one established, you can concentrate on earning money through it with sales pitches and up-sells. You need some essentials to build your list though.  These essentials include:
  • 1. Domain Name 
  • 2. Web Hosting 
  • 3. Something to Give Away for Free 
  • 4. Lead Capture Page 
  • 5. Thank You Page 
It takes a fair amount of effort from you to set everything up, however, the time and money is worth it because they both will pay off for you. 

Get Targeted Subscribers On YOUR List 

Just about anyone can build a list. The hard part is getting your future customers on that list. A great place to find your target audience is blogs. People who follow blogs are passionate about the niche the blog covers. The blog owner usually has a list. Bloggers in your niche will already have a list of your potential customers. If you can get those people to believe that you have what they need, then you are on track to being a successful online entrepreneur. 

The Other People’s List (OPL) Method 

Using the Other People’s List, (OPL), method is a great way to get targeted customers to your business. This is really good for you if you do not have a list, or do not know how to build one. This method is effective and affordable. It will give you a large amount of highly targeted traffic. 

You get your subscribers from someone who already has them. To do this, you must contact the list owner and ask to borrow their list in return for money. This form of advertising is known as a solo ad. They provide you a great opportunity to communicate with customers and it helps you out immensely if you are just beginning. Through your solo ad, you reach thousands of prospects and if you offer them something enticing, they will be directed to your lead capture page and then they become your subscribers. 

It is extremely beneficial to research your niche and figure out what your ideal customer wants or needs. From there, you create ads to satisfy those needs and desires. When you learn to do this, list building becomes simple. Helping your subscribers satisfy their needs and desires is the corner stone of your success.


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