The Basic concepts of Search Engine Optimization by StayOnSearch

The forth free Online Marketing Lesson of StayOnSearch is about Search Engine Optimization. In this course Mark goes through the basic concepts and techniques of SEO. He starts by discussing the importance of Domain Age, Domain Authority, SEO Friendly Hosting and Domain Credibility.

Then he focuses on on-page optimization and he describes briefly the main techniques that are used in order to fine-tune the texts of a website (Optimization of Titles, Meta-Descriptions, Alts, H1-6, etc). Additionally he elaborates on the importance of URL structure and of Loading Time.

Later in the course he focuses on off-page optimization techniques and mainly on link building. At the end of the ebook Mark describes few popular Blackhat techniques that you should avoid at all costs and he discusses the importance of Website usability. If you are new to SEO we strongly recommend you to read carefully this lesson and signing up for the free 10-week course.


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