Top Ten Social CRM Thought Leaders

Thought leadership on social CRM - The world of social CRM would be a much different place without the leadership and guidance of the people listed on the following "Social CRM Thought Leaders". Their guidance whether by phone, through writing, or e-mail helped. . 
Thought leader is management terminology for a person or an entity that is recognized by peers for having progressive and innovative ideas. Typically thought leaders have proven themselves in the business, academic or political sphere through successful implementation of their ideas. Thought leaders often publish articles and blog posts on trends and topics influencing an industry or directed internal to an organisation. Through effective communication and clarity of purpose, they effect change and are considered exemplary leaders.

Here are better Top Ten Social CRM Thought Leaders:

Paul Greenburg @pgreenbe
You want the scoop on CRM strategy, technology, stories, companies, and personalities? Paul is your guy. He’s known widely as the Godfather of CRM. His writes about the world of traditional and social CRM, focusing on not only what CRM is, but also where it’s going. 

Thought Leaders

Adam Metz  @theMetz
Adam Metz is considered an expert on the social customer. He’s also touted as one of the first consultants in the social CRM space to devise a holistic social web analytics model for his clients.

R “Ray” Wang  @rwang0
Adam and Paul mention R “Ray” Wang multiple times throughout their writing, and literally hundreds of thousands of readers follow Wang’s enterprise software blog, A Software Insider’s Point of View. His blog provides insight into how disruptive technologies and new business models impact the enterprise.

Paul mention R “Ray”

When he isn't speaking all over the world, Ray Wang is Principal Analyst & CEO of the next generation research and advisory firm Constellation Research, Inc.

Wim Rampen  @wimrampen
Wim Rampen knows social communication. Period. He’s especially sharp with anything pertaining to customer-facing departments and challenges.

When he isn't writing about customer relationship management, Wim is Manager of Customer Intelligence and Brand Management at Delta Lloyd Group.

Kate Leggett   @kateleggett
Kate is a Senior Analyst Serving Application &  Delivery Professionals at Forrester Research. She leads the charge in helping organizations establish and validate customer service strategies. You can find her research and writing all over the web.

Thought Leaders

Esteban Kolsky @ekolsky
If you want to know anything about CRM, social CRM, social business, CEM, CX, or any other combination of letters that has C (for customer) in it, Esteban Kolsky is your guy. His blog thinkJar is one of the leading editorials focused on the world of social CRM. 

Thought Leaders

Martin Schneider  @mschneider718
When he isn’t mixing things up at 451 Research, you can find Martin’s writings over at CRM Magazine and other noteworthy CRM publications. Martin was previously at SugarCRM, where he started the CRM Outsiders, a blog and social media project that quickly became a destination for companies and individuals seeking insight into the new rules of social sales, marketing, and database development.

Thought Leaders

Mitch Lieberman   @mjayliebs
We enjoy Mitch’s strong focus on customer experiences and next-generation CRM (social CRM). His day job is Vice President of Marketing for Sword Ciboodle. Mitch makes a point of reminding us that the hyper-connected, mobile, and localized customer demands simplicity and is less tolerant of business-driven organizational procedures.

Thought Leaders

What we love most about Mitch? His blog title, which is Mitch Lieberman – A Title Would Limit My Thoughts. Touché Mitch; touché. 

Bill Ives  @billives
Bill is an academic psychologist who just happens to love the world of social business and we love that he loves it! Bill rocks it over at the Merced Group, where he focuses on business strategy, program design, and implementation services in social business efforts. He’s also a team member at Darwin Ecosystems, a content-awareness and discovery engine. 

Thought Leaders

Marc Benioff  @benioff
If you don’t already know, Marc is the founder of and one of the top thought leaders in the world of cloud-based CRM solutions. He revolutionized the way sales forces communicate with prospects and customers. 

Thought Leaders

Benioff is regarded as the leader of what he has termed “The End of Software,” the now-proven belief that cloud computing applications democratize information by delivering immediate benefits at reduced risks and costs.


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