Search engines are looking at not just the number of inbound links but their quality

The number of inbound links (other sites linking to your website, also known as backlinks) is an important part of the search ranking algorithm.

Having plenty of inbound links will help your site in two important ways: indirectly, by improving your search engine ranking, and directly, by bringing visitors to your site through the link. 

In short, inbound links are valuable, and that’s why Your SEO Plan will include some serious efforts in that arena.

Search engines are looking at the number of inbound links and quality, too. Does the hyperlinked text say, “Click here for Computer Equipment Deals” or “Click here for Overpriced Junk”? 

Are the links buried deep within a domain, among millions of other outbound links? Search engine algorithms take these things into account and so do your potential customers.

When you start your link-building campaign. For now, you’ll stick to gathering the numbers: 
How many links are pointing to your landing pages? 

There are several ways to assess inbound links for your landing pages:

Let's take a look at the tools needed
  • On Google, search for (using your own site address in place of to find a partial list of links to your page of choice.
  • The Open Site Explorer Tool by SEOmoz, at, displays not only the number of links pointing to your landing pages, but several other factors, including the linking anchor text (keywords in this text can improve your ranks) and whether links are tagged with nofollow a tag that prevents the link from passing ranking power to your site. Access to the pro version of this tool comes with a hefty monthly price tag, but you can learn a lot from the free version, too.
  • Majestic SEO at offers a full suite of backlink analysis tools for free when you use it to analyze your own site.
  • Backlink Watch at offers an extensive list of links to your site, but lacks many of the useful features of the Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO tools, such as the ability to download a spreadsheet with your links.
  • If you verify your site with Google Webmaster Tools, you can see an accurate listing of the links Google knows about.


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