Rank High with Link Building

Link building is an integral part of the off-site optimization of your website. Every individual that has a website for commercial purposes wants to rank as high as possible via search engines, in terms of SEO.

The Importance of High-Quality Links

Apart from on-site optimization there is also an additional way to ensure that your website will rank high on search engines or at least that you will have the potential to rank higher than you already rank. An effective way to ensure this is by utilizing the link building process.

Before you start the link development process you need to have one thing in mind:

‘’Find link-worthy and high quality links/sites that will lead to my website’’

Why do you need to have this in mind at all times?

The new Penguin algorithm penalises low-quality links while it rewards those links that are of high-quality. In particular with the advent of the new Penguin algorithm, you must avoid keyword stuffing, over-optimized anchor-text and of course low quality links.

Link building is not a one-day process, but it’s a continuous effort which will be rewarding once you see the rankings that you have on search engines. That is why it is important to have high-quality links


  1. While this is true, the article doesn't do much - if anything - to say what a high quality link is.

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