Most memorable marketing campaigns

With all of today's media we are bombarded with marketing campaigns. Some of these are successful and are more memorable than others. That is the goal of every marketing team for a company, to create a brand identity that is memorable and recognizable. 

Every few minutes in-between TV shows there are commercials, there are billboards, there is radio, and there is clothing, the marketing options are endless. You want something catchy that will help your company stick out from everything else and keep you on people's minds. 


For instance, Doritos has always been pretty good at their marketing of their products. Most people know who they are when you say the name. Their chips have been popular for quite awhile. For Superbowl XLI Doritos decided to launch a new marketing idea. This is something critical. 

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When you can be unique and come up with new ideas, you will keep up with the changing times. Instead of creating advertisements as a company to be shown as commercials, they had a contest where people could submit their own commercials to be aired. 

Once all commercials had been submitted, Doritos chose 5 finalists, and then the general public voted for which commercial they liked best. Since it turned out that two of the commercials were so close in votes, Doritos aired both during the Superbowl. 

Not only was this a creative and unique marketing campaign, it also gave individuals who wouldn't normally get to be a part of the Superbowl part of the Superbowl. I can guarantee that those individual's whose commercials were aired felt pretty good that day. 


Another marketing campaign that people tend to recognize is Coke with the polar bears. They are the world's biggest drink company. They are not only the most well-known but also the most valuable brand. Chances are if you think about Coke it is hard not to think about those big white cuddly polar bears up in the Arctic drinking an ice cold Coke. 

This beloved icon is a favorite feature of tourists when they are visiting the World of Coca-Cola. In 2009 the familiar "open happiness" slogan become global. Their focus on enjoying life's simple pleasures is one that we all need help in remembering in our busy daily lives. Take a moment to enjoy the simple pleasure of a Coke. 

Now that we've discussed two big marketing campaigns most people are familiar with we need to talk about how we get the end result. Creative marketing campaigns don't' just come about. Under most circumstances, there is a marketing team a company has that sits down and collaborates with one another.

If you are a small company and don't have the luxury of a marketing department, or own your own business, Struck Marketing Agency is a great source if you are looking to put out some marketing ads. They build and create brands because they believe in making things greater than they currently are. 

They are a creative agency that will try to make you absolutely pleased with the end result. Take the time to invest in marketing to make your company stand out and stay on people's minds!


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