Google Keep: A Note-taking Application or A Replacement of Evernote

Whatever is on your mind you can take help of Google Keep and it will quickly catch your thoughts and ideas and remind you wherever you go. It is a new invention of Google same like Evernote. Google Keep provides facility to jot down your ideas, create notes, checklists, photo and voice memos. Google Keep is now available on the web and android platform. Whatever you add is instantly available on your desktop and mobile. With Google Keep you can do:
  • Keep track of your ideas via notes, list and photos
  • Automatic Transcribed voice notes means Google Keep will type your speech.
  • Use color code for your notes
  • Swipe old notes and content that you do not need
  • Mark in a check box and turn your notes into a checklist
  • Access your notes that stored in the cloud and accessible on the web at
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Google Keep is better than Evernote and Simple note with its easy navigation and amazing features like voice transcribe. The mobile application is available now for Android 4.0 and higher devices. However  Google has not declared its compatibility with iOS application, window phone and any other mobile operating system at all. The size of the home screen widget causes the process even quicker.

The only app that can catch a phone number or random idea as quickly as pen and paper. Google Keep is integrated with Google Drive, the cloud storage service available for anyone to use. With Android’s sharing features, you can share a snap by e-mail, text messaging, Picasa, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Drop box. You can drag, edit or drop a reminder in Google Keep and also store or delete any reminder at any time.

People who are using Android 4.0 or higher versions like 4.2 jelly Bean can place a wizard on their android home screen and users can add reminder without unlocking their device. Google has taken a step to beat the competition and the marketplace of Evernote that is really a great and similar app like Google Keep. The best thing in Evernote is its categorization if you have multiple notes you can easily manage them easily.

There’s not so far any way to tag or sort out notes with Keep. Google Keep is a groundwork done by Google and a late answer to Evernote. The main drawback of Google keep is it runs on Android 4.0 and half the android device use 2.3 or older version so it will be useless for such users.


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