Battling Between Old and New Marketing

Business operations have surely evolved over time. Often, the evolution progresses with advances in technology. When you start looking at new business philosophies, progress isn't as apparent. Certain aspects of marketing are so deeply ingrained in business culture and the individuals who are a part of that culture that it’s extremely challenging to implement the big ideas of new marketing, including social CRM strategies.

To implement social CRM, your business needs to catch up with the progress of technology, because today, technology is woven into nearly everything that we do.

Between Old - New Marketing

The cost to place and disseminate advertising is significantly lower today than in the days of Marketing 1.0. Advertisers can produce clever, crafty, and effective advertisements on a low budget.

With the power of targeting and segmentation, low-budget messages can compete with the mega-ads to deliver relevant messaging to the right audiences.

New Marketing

In advertising, what worked in 1959 didn't necessarily work in 1987. Similarly, messaging of the 1990 s and early 2000 s doesn't necessarily resonate in today’s social business atmosphere.

In the next sections, you learn about differences between old and new ideas about marketing.


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