The Value of Content Post Panda

Content had always been an important part of SEO. Since content is the one place you can integrate your required keywords without making it look like spam, and still give something that can attract readers, and therefore links. But there were many ill practices in the SEO markets which were used to obtain good rankings. 

Then along came the revolution. Panda’s update entered the circuit and brought back the importance of content and links that are obtained through readable and informative content at that. 

keyword stuffing

This algorithmic titan meant that SEO consultants could no longer use loopholes to squeeze out a piece of content, spun work and “keyword stuffing”, became a dead loss. They now had to work sincerely to produce valuable content. 

 This had the benefit though of making link baiting a more attractive form of marketing, ahead of link creation which was the norm for many SEO agencies. Below are a few ways to gain an advantage for the new lease of life that good content is getting. 

Banish Duplicate Content

The problem of duplicate content had been around for ages and has only just recently been addressed.  SEO consultants cannot get away with producing two or more pages with the same content any more. 

Earlier duplicate content in your site meant that the duplicate pages might have been supplemented or filtered out. When there were too many duplicate pages, it might have hampered the crawling of your non-duplicate pages; but this was usually only in extreme cases.

Post Panda however, optimization has become lot more difficult with duplicate pages as crawlers not only block the pages, but affect the overall ranking of your site. Google crawlers may stop the crawling of your site altogether meaning your site might just fall out of the index. 

There are now serious penalties for failing the content quality control Google sets. “Google Slaps”, “Sand Boxing”, and severe penalties like “De Indexing” can all follow for a site that is seen to be copying, spinning or duplicating its content.

Stop Keyword stuffing 
New rules state that SEO consultants need not stuff their content with keywords. Even L.S.I, or Layton Semantic Indexing, where you utilise similar words that mean the same thing as opposed to keywords over and over again, can lead to content being unreadable to those reading it, incurring penalties from Google. 

What is required is high quality content that maybe has the keywords mentioned in the title, and a strong body of content that focuses on the readers getting value from it, as opposed to seeing your keyword mentioned a dozen times over. The content should not only answer the visitor’s questions in the best possible way, but the visitor should also feel the urge to share the article or post on their social media platforms. 

That is the sign of really good post, seeing it Tweeted and re Tweeted around the web. Try to avoid shallow articles which provide no real value to the visitors, Google crawlers can now judge the quality of content in more detail than ever before. High bounce rates are a dead giveaway to a Google “Bot” that the page it is looking at is of no value to those searching online. Remember that when you are creating your piece of content.

Cut down the Ads 
Yes, Ads are the monetary fuel for some sites, but adding too much of fuel will burn down your site. New SEO norms frown upon the use of excessive advertisements. They should never draw more focus on themselves than the main content.

If you are an affiliate make sure that your site is not just a vehicle to getting to a merchant site like Amazon. Add valuable content in to your page so that the value of your page increases helping your page rank higher and attract more searchers in the long run. 

Remember that good content is always a useful tool for on page optimization. Since the Google crawlers have upgraded through Panda and Penguin updates, it is important for the SEO consultants to improve their standards as well for client sites as well as affiliate sites of their own.

Don’t consider the Panda update as a bane, it is a boon as it aids it an overall rise in the quality of content we find on the net, and will help you rank higher than someone else who hasn't taken the threat seriously enough.

Daniel Vassiliou has been involved in content marketing and SEO for well over 12 years now. You can contact him through his site here at Feel free to contact Daniel anytime to discuss how your internet marketing campaign can benefit from a strong content based strategy. You can also keep in touch with Daniel through the social media tags below. Please feel free to convey your thoughts in the comments section.  Thanks for reading. Follow me by  Linked In , Twitter , Facebook


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