Blogging: TO DO LIST daily for the New Year!

Blogging is an activity that may take a long time, especially if you want to do everything in the best way possible. There are five things to do every day to keep your blog. 



In the first place you should think about how to bring new content to your blog every day, or at least at regular intervals. The content is the number one thing that is attracting new readers. Of course, not everyone has enough ideas to add new content every day ... To overcome this problem, we could allow others to publish guest post on your blog, or reblog WordPress. Not only will they get additional content for free, the guest post, if done properly can also improve your SEO

E-mail and comments

E-mail and comments

Pay close attention to all kinds of feedback that you could get, whether email or blog comments or on Social Networks. Let me hear from your readers, let them know that you care for their comments and reactions responding at all - more or less - Do not be afraid to participate in discussions on your articles and confront their opinions. 

Social Media

Social Media
Respond to e-mails and comments should be one of your priorities, but do not forget to check out the social media profiles! Make sure you are up to date with what is happening on your blog, so that readers do not check your blog can stay current with Facebook or Twitter without any problem. Planned use of the Socials to gain new fans who might become readers and why no customers! 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

In order to maximize traffic and get better results in terms of search engines, you should try to make sure that your blog follows the latest trends in SEO. Participate in a forum that focuses on the theme could definitely be a good idea to get all the news quickly and directly, without having to wait until the rest of the competition you exceed.  

Monitoring Of  Traffic And Monetization

Monitoring Of  Traffic And Monetization

Finally, you should also try to monitor daily traffic and monetization efforts, especially if they get the money is one of the main objectives when it comes to blogging. Study the trends of your traffic.

If traffic has increased unexpectedly after the publication of an article exceptional, it may be a good idea to follow that with other content with similar themes, in order to maintain that new audiences. Of course, the same goes the other way - you should try to discover the cause of the drop!

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  1. Some people have been able to use social media quite effectively to get traffic to their blog. However it is not as easy as it might seem. This often discourages people who are trying to use Twitter or FaceBook for the first time.

    I think that companies that want to get a boost in their traffic quickly will see this if they use social media. Several brand shave launch ed successful campaigns on Facebook. Others have gotten a significant number of new customers by building up a following on Twitter and interacting with those followers. Thanks for sharing all these ideas.

    1. I agree with you.It would be difficult for the novice with social media to get more A Visits

  2. Starting a blogging business really takes a lot of time and hard work to stand up despite tight competition. But everything will fall into place if you are in the right path. This post says it all on what to do.


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