Content-Writing: Thinking like a Reader

Content-writing can be a great way to strengthen your writing skills, all while earning some extra cash. Content-writing is normally used to help clients promote their websites. This is done by including particular keywords in your article so that search engines, such as Google and Yahoo!, can provide links to your clients’ websites whenever those keywords are searched for by Internet surfers. 

Because your main goal in content-writing is to produce articles with keywords that will commonly be searched for, it is important that you put yourself in the shoes of prospective readers of your article. This article is about thinking like a reader to improve your content-writing skills. 

In order to think like a prospective reader or someone who surfs the Internet, you first have to think of the keywords that these individuals would type into search engines when trying to research on a particular topic. Let’s say your content-writing task is about basketball and you choose to focus on how to play good defense in basketball. 

In order to improve the likelihood that your article on good defense will be a top search result on sites like Google and Yahoo!, you need to be sure that you include keywords that you think Internet user would search for. 

For example, you could include keywords such as “defense,” “basketball defense,” “defense strategies,” “triangle defense,” and “zone defense.” 

In addition to choosing the keywords that Internet users will commonly type into search engines, it is also important to keep in mind the kind of style and format readers would like to see articles. 

Although one major goal of content-writing is to ensure that you include many keywords in your articles, you also have to make sure that what you write sounds natural. 

Your writing should follow the style and format that readers would like to see, all while fulfilling your content-writing objectives. 

Many readers like to read articles that are informative in nature and straight to the point. To accomplish this, make sure that when you do content-writing you are not merely telling a story or sharing an experience. 

Also, keep your sentences concise and try to compose short paragraphs of about three sentences each. Doing so will improve the likelihood that you will hold the readers’ attention. 

Content-writing can prove to be a very fulfilling and lucrative experience, provided that you focus on thinking like your prospective readers. 

When carrying out a content-writing task, try to use keywords that Internet users are likely to search for and implement a writing style and format that will please your audience. 

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