Setting SEO Goals and Objectives

The 3 Goals of SEO and Objectives:  Search engine optimization is a marketing function, and it needs to be treated like one. SEO practitioners need to understand the services, products, overall business strategy, competitive landscape, branding, future site development, and related business components just as much as members of other marketing divisions, whether online or offline.

3 Goals of seo and Objectives

seo, once a highly specialized task relegated to the back rooms of a website development team, is now a mainstream marketing activity. This dramatic rise can be attributed to three emerging trends:
  • Search engines drive dramatic quantities of focused traffic, comprising people intent on accomplishing their research and purchasing goals. Businesses can earn significant revenues by leveraging the quality and relevance of this traffic for direct sales, customer acquisition, and branding/awareness campaigns.
  • Visibility in search engines creates an implied endorsement effect, where searchers associate quality, relevance, and trustworthiness with sites that rank highly for their queries.
  • Dramatic growth in the interaction between offline and online marketing necessitates investment by organizations of all kinds in a successful search strategy. Consumers are increasingly turning to the Web before making purchases in verticals such as real estate, autos, furniture, and technology. Organizations cannot afford to ignore their customers’ needs as expressed through searches conducted on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.
Like any other marketing function, it is important to set specific goals and objectives and if the goal is not measurable, it is not useful. Setting up such objectives is the only way you can determine whether you are getting your money’s worth from your SEO effort. 

And although SEO can be viewed as a project, the best investment, in our opinion, is to treat it as more of a process one which is iterative, is ongoing, and requires steady commitment from the stakeholders of an organization.

Viewing SEO like PPC (like something you decidedly turn on and off) is like viewing a healthy diet as something you do only when you are overweight, as opposed to eating a healthy diet as a lifestyle choice. Too heavy? Crash diet. PPC too expensive? Pause the campaigns. 

The tactic may work in the right application, but with SEO, those with the most success are those who view site optimization as a lifestyle choice. The results may not appear instantly, but they will handsomely reward a business after patient and prudent commitment.

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