SEO, Web Standards and Accessibility

Web Standards and Accessibility
Standards exist on the Web to help guide web developers in creating content that’s friendly to all search engines and all people. Most web standards are geared toward helping your sites better communicate the content they contain, and thus become better for SEO and for people viewing your site.

Here are some examples of standards on the Web to keep in mind as you develop SEO websites.

Separation of Content, Structure, and Behavior

Websites are made up of three basic parts: content, the information on the page, including text you read through a web browser, controlled by HTML; structure, the layout, or display, of the content (usually controlled via CSS); and behavior, the page’s interactivity via JavaScript, Flash, or other interactive media.

It’s commonly agreed in the web design world that content, structure, and behavior should remain separate. This way, if a visitor to a site can view only the content of the site, the code doesn’t break, keeping the site view-able  When you’re designing an SEO website, it’s important to keep content, structure, and behavior separate so that you can get your content to as many users in as many ways as possible.


Accessibility and SEO aren’t the same, but many good practices in accessibility are also good practices in SEO. For example, making a site that everyone can view, regardless of disability or viewing platform, is great for SEO and accessibility.

Adding alt text to images is great for both as well. When creating your site, you should be familiar with accessibility standards found on the W3C site,

If you’re much more interested in SEO than accessibility, you don’t need to adhere to every detail regarding web accessibility standards. 

However, it’s best to at least be familiar with the standards, because one day all web developers may be required to make all pages completely accessible.


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