Youtube marketing best practices

Coordinating Your Online Marketing Activities - Whatever components you include in your marketing mix, it's important that all these components mesh with one other.

They should all carry the same message; you don't want to present one image to YouTube viewers, another to Google and other Video search optimization, another to customers viewing display ads, and yet another to blogs and social networks.
Your message should be consistent, no matter where customers encounter that message. What does that mean, in reality?

First, it means that the way you define your business has to be consistent.

The keywords you choose as part of your search engine optimization should also be the keywords you purchase for your PPC advertising, should also be key words in the copy for your display ads, should also be highlighted in the promotional emails you send to customers,

should also be talking points when you communicate with influential bloggers, should also be present in the electronic press releases you send to online news organizations, and should also be incorporated into the scripts of your YouTube videos.

You can’t describe your business one way in press releases, another way in advertisements, and yet another way in videos; you must have a consistent message, so much attention, we do not hide the importance of marketing on YouTube.

The significance this method lies in the simple way used, Idea of ​​marketing the product, few minutes of filming, and becomes a Goods ready for marketing.

That extends to using themes and images from your YouTube videos on your website especially in the landing pages you create for your YouTube campaigns.

When someone clicks to your website after watching a YouTube video, they should land on a page that not only repeats the message from the video, but also mirrors the look and feel of the video. 

Again, consistency is the key. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t adapt the message for the medium. You need to exploit the unique nature of the YouTube community when producing your online videos;

you can’t just port a print ad to YouTube and expect it to work. You have to give YouTube viewers the experience they expect, not one more suited to another marketing vehicle.

That said, your videos shouldn’t veer off into a totally different direction from the other marketing you do.

You have to consider all your marketing activities in a holistic fashion; someone approaching your product or brand via YouTube should receive the same message as someone learning about you via email or blogs or social networking or radio or print.

You need to send a similar message via all your marketing activities, traditional or Internet-based.

The point is, all of your marketing vehicles need to work together. They have to convey a consistent message and image, and should not send conflicting messages to your customer base.

Your marketing mix should be a consistent whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.


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