Understanding Organic SEO

All this talk about planning for SEO is great, but what about Organic SEO. You don’t have to put any efforts into that, do you? Don’t go foolin’ yourself. Organic SEO is just as much work as any other type of SEO. It’s just a slightly different method of creating a site optimized for search ranking, without having to implement any new technologies or spend a lot of time submitting your site to different primary and secondary search engines. In fact, the distinction here is a very general one.

Only SEO purists consider real SEO as being strictly organic — meaning you use no fee-based services whatever. Most people are happy with just plain SEO, which usually means a combination of organic and fee-based, which is often referred to as SEM, or search engine marketing. It’s best if you think of SEO as just SEO; then you don’t have to worry about distinctions that aren’t really important in optimizing your web site.

The definitions of Organic SEO vary a little, depending on whom you talk to. Some SEO experts think it’s all about optimizing the content of your web site to catch the attention of the crawlers and spiders that index sites. Others think it’s the number of quality links you can generate on your site. 

Organic SEO is actually a combination of those and other elements, such as site tagging, that will naturally place your web site in search engine rankings. How high in those rankings depends on how well you design your site.

Before you assume that Organic SEO is just the solution you’ve been looking for, however, take a step back. Organic SEO is not an easy way to land in a search engine. Basically, if you put a web site online and spend a little time getting it ready for the world to see, you will have probably achieved some measure of Organic SEO without really trying.

That’s because your site will probably be listed in some search engine somewhere, without too much time and effort on your part. 

Elements that naturally occur on a web site  such as the title of the site, the URL, included web links, and even some of the content  will probably land you in a search engine (unless those elements are black-hat SEO efforts, in which case the engine could permanently exclude you). The question is where in the results will you land?

Without attention from you, that might be on page 10,000 of the rankings — not high enough to gain any attention at all.

Organic SEO maximizes those naturally occurring elements, building upon each element to create a site that will naturally fall near the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). One of the most attractive features of organic SEO is that the methods used to achieve high SERPs rankings are free — other than the time it takes to implement these ideas.

However, there is a trade-off. Achieving organic SEO can take anywhere from three to six months. For web site owners impatient to see results from their SEO efforts, this can seem like an eternity; but it’s worth the extra time if the budget is an issue. more ... Achieving Organic SEO


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