Cooperation in the field of marketing and e-commerce

Digital collaboration tools can transform the way you work with partners or local offices and introduce new ways to work virtually globally. They can also help partners to service customers in local markets. Web collaboration tools should be part of your operational strategy.

Their benefits include working across borders and reducing costs, travel, and environmental damage. Many new and emerging web-based collaboration tools allow you to interact in real time, or almost instantly.

Consultants have thrived helping businesses for many years through the adoption of team collaboration online methodology. Now, small businesses everywhere can benefit from the simplicity that true collaboration can bring to a brand.

Web applications can be used to help companies within markets to collaborate with partners/suppliers /distributors/extended teams for knowledge sharing among countries, while accelerating productivity
and improving communications.

Online tools can be used for training and communications, as well. Sales representatives or partners in local markets can get trained faster, lead generation improves, and products get to market quicker. All of this can be achieved without traveling.

Online team collaboration can help simplify your IT infrastructure and business processes while helping bring together team members, increase productivity, improve customer responsiveness and enable faster and better decision making.

There are many companies that meet these collaborative services,

example' hyperoffice " "  The company offered to its clients these serves:
  • Online Document Management. Access and collaborate on documents online. No more sending document attachments back and forth.
  • Team Calendars. Shared calendars let you manage team and team member schedules. Set up meetings directly from the calendar consoles.
  • Shared Contacts.  Manage team contacts with shared address books.
  • Team Workspaces. Give every team a secure workspace to publish accouncements, share calendars, store files, have dicussions and more.
  • Discussion Forums and Opinion Polls. Spur team discussions in online forums. Quickly set up polls for team consensus building.
  • Task Management. Manage multiple team tasks with our task management software.
(( This company does not offer all kinds of cooperation, only to note ))

Anyway, the main consideration is language. If you create a blog or use social media, you and all the parties involved need to understand what is being posted.

Many EM countries\regions work in English, such as India and countries in the MEA region; however, many do not, so this needs to be considered when interacting with some of these tools.

As for what can be done with these collaborative services :
  • Partner portals can be used to link partners to general information and updates from a range of sources.
  • One portal can be used to target all partners in local countries.
  • you can control access levels so that some content is available only to certain partners.
  • Portals can also be used to provide local marketing collateral for agencies and partners that can be set up for tracking.
Another important point,  discussion forums, web blogging, and wikis are great for idea sharing\/building between your company and your partner company or local office.

Teams and partners can interact via comments on blogs or engage in full discussion in forums.

Content-sharing web servers can be used to upload large files that may be difficult to send by email. This works similarly to your standard company shared drive, but you use specific content management web-based tools.

Content-sharing servers can be used to store documents, such as team event photos, videos, and files that need to be accessed or updated\/edited by partners. 

Content management tools offer functionalities such as calendar functions, discussion forums, bulletin boards, polls, and email feeds. 

Some tools also offer real time pop-up updates informing all when a partner\/colleague has updated a file, informing other users of a group that they can now participate with or a file they can work on.

Partners can log in globally in real time to edit and share files. Content managers can invite partners to various groups "spaces" to access servers.

Collaborative services come in many forms as we mentioned earlier, and here do not want to neglect e-mail .

Marketing Email
HTML or plain text email can be used to update partners with news (e.g., latest product releases, problems, promotions, discounts, and offers). Benefits of email include that it's quick, cheap, and measurable.

You can also link emails to video demos, forums discussions, and to product landing pages (all powerful ways to communicate new ideas).

Day-to-Day Email
On a day-to-day basis, email can be used to share information and attached documents with partners, coordinate events\/meetings, and to discuss work.

Email Groups
Your company can also set up a shared email alias for groups of people. Email groups offer a convenient way to communicate with others who share the same interests and ideas or are in the same functions/areas and need to be kept in the loop or updated.

Enough clarification on trade cooperation, so as not to feel bored of the many reading. 


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