Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers

 Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers.You need to market smarter not harder - Back then, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social networking and bookmarking sites didn't exist. However, there were social communities-hubs of like-minded people who gathered in forums, chat rooms, or online message boards to talk about and share common interests.

Even better, these locations were untapped resources-prime real estate-for turning strangers into friends. You see, 10 years ago, not many marketers were infiltrating these platforms for promotional purposes.

Most were focusing their efforts on traditional direct mail or print advertising. Direct mail was the marketing method of choice, and it was making people money.

So, many marketers and publishers had the notion, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it. "As a result, the Web was being underutilized.

If any online efforts were being done, it was by mavericks dabbling in banner ads or implementing search engine optimization.

To really engage in this medium and leverage it to the fullest potential, it's important  to be a creative and strategic thinker.

That means you need to market smarter,  not harder, and tap into your imagination and knowledge. There's an art to this  kind of marketing-and it's not a one-hit wonder. You won't see overnight success;  it takes time and resources.

Today, social media marketing is huge. It's common  practice to establish relationships with members of networks, communities, forums,  blogs, chat rooms, and message boards.

Furthermore, websites and publishers are  encouraging reader interaction and participation.

The idea is to turn a stranger into a  friend, a friend into a customer, and then a customer into an advocate.

The goal is to establish, build, and cultivate a relationship with your  potential customers, thereby getting them to opt in to your messages- meaning that they are actually agreeing to receive your marketing messages.

This opens the door to a plethora of marketing possibilities. And that encouraged reader participation is cultivating some of the fastest-growing  marketing tactics online today.

Posting on blogs and forums can be a powerful way  to increase your market presence, further your SEO efforts, and drive traffic to your  website.

Social sites are booming, and so are the efforts to tap into this rich and robust  channel.

According to articles on Royal Pingdom, TechCrunch, and Wikipedia, these communities  are growing exponentially-and that's only going to continue. Consider  these online stats:
  •  126 million blogs (as tracked by BlogPulse), as of December 2009
  •  190 million people on Twitter, as of June 2010
  •  500 million on Facebook, as of July 2010
  •  75 million on LinkedIn, as of August 2010
  •  Over 15 million articles on Wikipedia, as of July 2010
  •  More than 2 billion views on YouTube each day, as of July 2010
These numbers have multiplied in our day, Also, many social networking sites, has developed applications for marketing.
This is what we have

source: Content is Cash


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