Defining YouTube's Marketing Strategy

YouTube Marketing Strategy Some marketing activities are pretty direct such as direct mail, of course, but also email marketing, online and offline advertising, and the like. These methods are all fairly hard sell in their approach.

So it will take a simplified look at the marketing strategy on YouTube. YouTube marketing, on the other hand, is all about subtlety. That is, people don't watch YouTube videos that are overtly promotional in nature. 

Marketing Strategy

YouTube's role in your marketing strategy

For that reason, you can't upload an existing television commercial and expect to garner an online audience, people have too many other options to watch a commercial online, on their own time.

To that end, you need to produce videos that offer true value to your intended audience. This softer sell defines YouTube's role in your marketing strategy.

This soft sell comes in the form of the information or instruction you provide. Perhaps that's a video newscast where you talk about industry news or technical developments; perhaps it's a how-to video that shows people how to use your product to do something useful.

In any case, viewers watch the video because it provides valuable information; what they retain is a sense of your brand or company as a source of authority on the topic at hand.

The key is to use YouTube videos to supplement the promotional message you impart in other online and offline media.

You don't use videos to broadcast blatant advertisements; instead, you build on your promotional message with the practical information you broadcast to the YouTube audience.

And here's another thing. By giving a face to your company or brand, YouTube videos can help personalize your company and develop a direct connection to your customer base. This is called marketing strategy on YouTube

It's not an anonymous promotional message from an ad or press release, it's John Smith talking to you in person about something that interests you.

This type of personal communication is particularly effective, and needs to be a part of your web marketing mix or marketing strategy.

Formulating Your New Marketing Mix

Given the more subtle role that YouTube plays in your marketing strategy, where exactly does YouTube fit within your overall marketing mix?

Let's start by recognizing the obvious-the Internet has dramatically changed the way marketing works. A company's marketing mix today looks much different from the marketing mix of a generation ago.

Go back a decade or two and you had a limited number of media to use: newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and direct mail. Now, all of these media are still around today, but the Internet has added a variety of new options one must consider.

What new media has the Internet added to the mix? Here's a short list:

  •  Email
  •  Websites
  •  Search engines
  •  Blogs
  •  Social networks (such as Facebook and MySpace)
  •  Photo-sharing sites (Flickr and so on)
  •  Video-sharing sites

YouTube, of course, defines that last category.

You need to consider all aspects of online marketing when fitting YouTube into your marketing plans.

Does your YouTube marketing stand alone, or is it part of a larger campaign that includes seeded blog postings, banner website ads, pay-per-click search engine ads, targeted email, and viral campaigns on the key social networks

You should determine all this before you script and storyboard your first video.

In addition, you should also determine YouTube's place alongside the traditional marketing media. Do you use YouTube merely as another channel for your television commercials, or does it expand on your television advertising with additional spots, alternative takes, expanded scenarios, and the like?

Does YouTube merely provide more exposure for your existing campaign, or does it change things up to fine-tune your message to the slightly younger, more interactive YouTube audience? 

Answering these questions will help you determine exactly how you fit YouTube into your marketing mix or in other words, youtube marketing strategy .


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