Customer-Based Marketing Strategies

 Customer-Based Marketing Strategies: Strategies used for marketing Strategies used for marketing- The communication structures on the Web can become much more complex than those in traditional mass media outlets such as broadcast and print advertising.

When a company takes its business to the Web, it can create a Web site that is flexible enough to meet the needs of many different users.

Instead of thinking of their Web sites as collections of products, companies can build their sites to meet the specific needs of various types of customers.

A good first step in building a customer-based marketing strategy is to identify groups of customers who share common characteristics. Sabre Holdings is a company that sells marketing services and technology to support those services to the travel industry.

Its customers include travel agencies, airlines, large companies that have in-house travel departments, and travel consolidators (companies that buy blocks of airline seats and hotel rooms, then resell them as vacation packages). 

Sabre also operates the Travelocity B2C travel site . The Sabre Holdings home page, which appears in Figure  (on the next page), includes links to separate sections of its site that are designed to meet the needs of each of its major customer groups.

By following these links, Sabre’s different customers can find specific products and services targeted to each of their needs.

Although Sabre's approach of breaking customers into four main groups is a good first step, subgroups probably exist within each of those groups.

Marketers can use their experience with selling in their industries to identify those subgroups and then develop marketing strategies and tactics that will effectively reach customers in each subgroup.

The use of customer-based marketing approaches was pioneered on B2B sites. B2B sellers were more aware of the need to customize product and service offerings to match their customers' needs than were the operators of B2C Web sites.

In recent years, B2C sites have increasingly added customer-based marketing elements to their Web sites. 

One of the most noticeable trends in this direction is in university Web sites. In the early days of the Web, university sites were usually organized around the internal elements of the school (such as departments, colleges, and programs).

Today, most university home pages include links to separate sections of the Web site designed for specific stakeholders, such as current students, prospective students, parents of students, potential donors, and faculty.

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