how to set up a fan page for my business on facebook

Creating Core Settings for Your Business Fan Page - learn how to manage core settings for your Facebook fan page. and how to set up a fan page for your business on facebook ? include basic information about your business, adding a profile photo or logo, and adding and managing apps for your business fan page (as opposed to your personal page), and changing mobile settings.

This opens the way for more business On Facebook.
In this article,  we will cooperate to find out how setting up fan page for business on facebook and We will use fan page versus business page.

Let us work Just like your personal Facebook page, the fan page for your business has permissions and settings that control how it works. They're fairly simple but important.

We will go through the core settings and their implications. By getting these settings right the first time and knowing where to go to change something when you need to, you'll be way ahead in managing your Facebook presence.

Entering Basic Information Start by editing basic information about your page. Follow these steps:
  • 1. Sign in to Facebook.
  • 2. In the left-hand rail, under Apps and Marketplace, click the More link. Links for Games, Photos, Notes, Ads and Pages, and Links appear.
  • 3. Click Ads and Pages. A list of pages that you can administer appears.
  • 4. Under your page’s name, click the Edit Page link The Basic Information area appears, as shown in Figure

  • 5. Check the Name for your page.
This is the name that will display across the top of your Facebook Page; you won’t want to change it unless you change your business name—to keep it consistent with your URL.
  • 6. Enter the business’s address and, if asked, the hours of operation, street address, city or town, and ZIP code. If you run your business out of your home, you might not want to publicize the address on Facebook to reduce the potential for identity theft.
  • 7. Enter information about the company by filling in a sentence in the About field.
And in the Description field you can write some text, perhaps one paragraph, which summarizes your company, a basic overview of its products or services or maybe your mission statement. General Information (which should be brief and to the point), Price Range, Parking, and Public Transit information are also fields that you can fill in to give people a better understanding of your business.

  • 8. Enter your Email address, business Phone number, and Website.
  • 9. Click Save Changes. The information is saved, and the page is displayed again.
  • 10. To exit the page, first click Save Changes if there are changes you haven’t saved. Then click another link in the left-hand rail, such as Profile Picture, covered in the next section, or another item in the page navigation.

you have a  fan page on facebook now called a business page, That's it, and I hope that you benefit from this


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