what skills do you need to do your online marketing

Marketing skills Online - Web marketing is also referred to as online marketing, Internet marketing, and digital marketing. These are just different terms for the same set of activities; there’s no fundamental difference between one or the other. Web marketing is the act of presenting something to someone else online. Web marketing is traditional marketing done online.

But what skills do you need to do your online marketing?

Well, the most important thing you need to know is that marketing online requires the same basic skills you use for traditional marketing. Marketing is marketing, after all, and key marketing skills are necessary no matter what type of marketing you’re doing.

There are some skills that are more necessary than others when marketing online. And there are some new skills you need to master because what you do online differs somewhat from what you do in traditional media. So let’s look at those marketing skills most important to web marketers.

Here are our top seven skills that we believe marketers need to succeed :

Research Skills

Learning about who your customers are, what they do, and why they do what they do is essential no matter what type of marketing you do. It’s also important to know what your competitors are up to and to understand a little bit about the dynamics of your particular market. Getting smart about all this stuff requires research.

Planning Skills

Research helps you decide what to do. Planning skills help you determine how to do it. And trust me, when it comes to web marketing, there’s a lot of planning involved.

See  Elements of a Marketing Plan

Budgeting Skills

Concurrent with all that planning is budgeting deciding how much money you spend on which components of your plan. Just because you have more marketing activities available doesn't mean you get a correspondingly larger budget to play with. A lot of budgeting for web marketers is about determining how to slice up the pie.

How much money do you spend on search engine optimization versus pay-per-click advertising versus social networking versus all the other things you could (or should) be doing?

Project Management Skills

After you do all your planning and budgeting, you get to run all those myriad projects you planned.  Keeping all your online projects straight and coordinated will tax even the most organized marketer out there. If you yourself aren't that organized or detail-oriented, you’ll want to hire someone who is.

Copy-writing Skills

When it comes to web marketing, there’s a lot of copy needed. Your website needs content, as does your blog, as do all your ads and emails and Twitterposts. That’s a lot of copy-writing  and you need it on a continual basis; the Internet is a virtual content machine.

Analytical Skills

You also need to analyze the performance of all the online marketing you do. How do you know when something is working and when it’s not? How do you know which activity is delivering the most bang for the buck? When your budget is tight, how do you know which activities to keep and which to slice ?

Communications Skills

This one is kind of obvious, unless you think that nobody really communicates face-to-face online. Well, not all communication is face-to-face, but every tweet you make, every email you send, every comment you contribute in an online forum is a form of communication.

More One for Marketing skills 

Technical Skills

Most of the skills we've been discussing have analogs in the nondigital world. But there’s one new set of skills you’ll need to master when you go online, which fall under the general heading of “technical” skills.

What kinds of tech skills are we talking about? It all depends on the kind of support you have; the smaller your team, the more likely you’ll need to get your hands dirty in the technical area.

Getting your hands dirty might mean mastering search engine optimization techniques. It might mean learning basic HTML coding. It might mean figuring out how to create a blog and make blog posts. It might even mean getting familiar with audio and video production techniques.

All these technical skills are necessary because just about everything you do online is made possible by one or another technology. Yes, you still have to put together marketing plans and write copy and such, but then those things you do get plugged into the proper technological framework to make their way onto the Internet.

If you don’t do the technical work, you’ll have to hire someone else to do it for you. (And even if you hire it out, it’s still good to know a little bit about what’s going on so you can communicate what you want to those doing the work.)

Web marketing is just like traditional marketing, only you use the tools available online. Similar skills are necessary for web marketing as for traditional marketing, including research, planning, budgeting, project management, copywriting, and analytical and communications skills. In addition, marketing online requires some degree of technical skill, or at least the ability to interface with technical staff.

Equally if not more important is the ability to think like the customer to get inside your customers’ heads and figure out why they do what they do. This insight should inform all your marketing activities, from website design to advertisement creation. It’s the best way, if not the only way, to give your customers what they want and nothing less.


  1. I am very glad I discovered your blog on stumbleupon. Thanks for the wise critique. I have been simply preparing to do some research about this. I am very glad to see such good information being shared freely out there.

  2. This is great! I have several skill that I can't use in this field because of lack of knowledge. But when I've read this blog I've learned something that can help me to apply my knowledge in online marketing. Thanks!

  3. This is great! I have several skill that I can't use in this field because of lack of knowledge. But when I've read this blog I've learned something that can help me to apply my knowledge in online marketing. Thanks!

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