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Business Start Up Ideas: Starting your own businessStarting your own business - Is a good way to bring in much-needed income.  Business start up ideas do not have to be elaborate or expensive.  You probably have an excellent idea sitting right in your home and don't even realize it.  Start a business with your hobby or craft.
There is a market for crafts; it's just a matter of finding the right market, whether it is online or at flea markets craft fairs and antique malls. You could even open your own store.

Researching your options will give you an idea of ​​how and where to start your new business.

First, take a look at the types of hobbies or crafts you do or have always wanted to do.  Get serious that you now want to make money with your crafts and not just do them as a hobby.  Research online what others are selling their products for to give you an idea on how to price your items.

Another thing to consider would be to take photos of your work and build or have someone build a website for you so you can sell online.  

Renting a booth at various flea markets or craft fairs is an economical way of starting a business locally.  Or, find a storefront that is affordable and start your own store if you already have numerous things to put in it.

Keep in mind that you will need to get creative and branch out into designs or styles that you may have never created before as not everyone will want only your style.

You don't want to limit your income potential to just a few designs.  You can also add things to your booth or store that are on consignment from others, where you sell their products for a percentage of the sale.

Candle making is at the top of business start up ideas as many people are recognizing the significance of aromatherapy candles.  Buying supplies in bulk is an excellent way to start making candles right out of your kitchen.

You can also print your own designer labels right from your own computer.  And, instead of buying candle jars, consider buying a case of canning jars.

These are absolutely great for candles and there are many people who will buy rustic candles.  The Internet will be the place to search for buying supplies in bulk and to buy essential oils, which are needed in aromatherapy candles.

There's something about homemade products that people just can't get enough of.  If you enjoy woodworking, then wooden furniture could be a lucrative start up business for you.

If you are a carpenter or woodworker, chances are you already have the tools in order to make furniture so that investment is already taken care of.

While there are many crafts that can be made by just about anyone, such as lawn accessories, clocks, or even purses, woodworking is a definite art and would be an excellent niche market.  Niche marketing has less competition, therefore, woodworking will have a higher demand.

The ability to quilt is a special craft that everyone loves.  Quilts can also bring a higher return on your investment since they are so popular.  Quilting is another niche market that not everyone can do so supply and demand will be higher with this craft.

In addition to quilts, which take time to make, you can add quilt samplers for wall hangings, quilted clothing and other items to round out your products.  This way, you can sell items more frequently than the quilts themselves.

This market is re-emerging as a very popular craft.  Macramé has been around for centuries and was very popular about 25 years ago, but people now are realizing the functionality of macramé items with all the new designs that are available today. 

Macramé is easy and quick to make.  Everything from jewelry to wall hangings, plant hangers and hanging tables are being sold everyday through the Internet.  Getting in on this re-emerging craft will be a good moneymaker.  This business start up idea will be inexpensive to begin but will have a good return.

Marketing Strategies
As you can see, it is very possible to start a business with your crafts if you are truly serious about turning it into a business, however, no business can survive without a good marketing strategy.  Even if you only sell online to save the cost of an actual store, you still have other things to consider.  You need the right marketing strategy to get people to your site in order to buy your products.

The most profitable marketing strategies will include advertising in magazines, both craft and non-craft; direct marketing; submitting their sites to search engines regularly; writing articles for publication on other craft-related Web sites; displaying work on free online galleries; link exchanges ; advertising on craft mall sites and classified advertising.

These are just a few business start up ideas.  There are many, many venues for you to choose from.  You will need to research, research and research again.  Do not limit yourself or doubt yourself when it comes to starting your own business.  Online businesses are the most popular but you don't have to limit yourself to that either.

If it is feasible for you, rent a booth or open a small store / studio to showcase your items.  Make sure you never forget your loyal customers as they will bring new business with them when they shop with you.  It may not be instant income but you will be able to make, if not a decent income, an income more than you were making before.  It just depends on how hard you work and how far you want to go.

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