OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS: Tube social media sites platforms.Tube social media sites platforms -  Most of the existing social sites are Websites, offering a range of services to users, such as instant messaging and private messages and e-mail, video, blogging, file sharing and other services. It is clear that social networks have made a significant change in how communication and participation among people, communities and information exchange. And those social networks, (The various social media platforms) with millions of users, at present,

divided by the social networking purposes, there are networks combine study and other friends gathered friends at work in addition to the mini-networks of Entries. Among the most famous social networking existing as Facebook and MySpace and Twitter and Live Boone , High5, Orkut and Google plus.

There are many other Social Media Platforms whereby you can listen and engage with your customers.  10 years ago companies would have paid tens of thousands of pounds in market research trying to find out what people thought of their brands / companies.

One of the more common mistakes people make when thinking about social media is to think that social media is about only Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and MySpace.  In reality, social media is about much more.

You should also be familiar with these social media tools :

  • Blogs-Digital magazines or diaries that are often written in an informal, chatty style.
  • Bookmarks and tags-Similar to digital yellow stickies that let other members of the online community know that you like an article or a Web page.
  • E-mail newsletters-Digital flyers that let people know about your products or services.
  • Widgets-Online gadgets that help you crunch numbers, check the weather, or find out how much money you made (or lost) in the stock market today.
  • Content aggregation sites-Sites that effectively cut out articles from other online newspapers and repost them in one central location.
  • Wikis-Sites that enable large groups of people to contribute and edit content.
  • Voting-Gives people the opportunity to express their opinion on a product or service.
  • Crowd-sourcing-Uses the talents of many people in different parts of the globe to contribute to something (such as the development of an open-source software program).
  • Discussion boards and forums-Places where people can digitally thumbtack their thoughts, comments, or suggestions on a digital cork board hosted on your Web site.
  • Back-channel sites-Places where people at trade shows and conventions can comment on the event or the speaker on stage.  (Side note: Always check your zipper before doing a speech where back-channel sites are available.  We learned that one the hard way.)
  • Tweet-ups-Meetings or casual get-together s that are organized via Twitter (such as "Meet us as Bob's Tavern at 6:00 pm.  We're getting together to discuss the checkers convention... I mean, the mountain climbing convention ").
  • Photo-sharing sites-Digital photo albums on sites such as Flickr, Kodak Gallery, and Snapfish where people can upload their favorite photos.
  • Podcasting-A way for small and large organizations to broadcast their thoughts, comments, or perspectives on a wide variety of topics.
  • Presentation-sharing sites-Places where you can upload your latest and greatest PowerPoints.  (Why would you do that?  To position yourself as a thought leader.)
  • Virtual worlds-Places where (young) people go to create second lives.
  • Ratings and reviews-Enable people to rate your product or service and write reviews.  (Believe it or not, negative reviews can actually help your brand because they give you instant customer feedback.)

What does all this mean?  The bottom line is that the world is changing at a rapid pace, and it will change only faster in the future.  You have a choice: Wrap your mind around social media and use it to make money, or get left in the dust when your competition beats you to it. Which side will you be on?

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