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 Human Resources Majors: 6 Great Jobs for Human Resources Majors6 Great Jobs for Human Resources Majors Human Resources, or HR for short, is one of the most intriguing line of work one could choose as a career path; being able to work with people, recruit, train, evaluate, reward or revise their work behavior when their scores are not high  enough, constantly delegate attributions and responsibilities and look after their satisfaction and the meeting of their requirements means having a really firm grasp of the right HR skills.

These skills cannot be simply felt and played by ear, even though there are plenty of people who seem to have been especially born for such careers.  Special training is of course required, and getting the right major is certainly worth something in this field.

As for the jobs that should come quite naturally once you graduate from such a program, we could say that these jobs are either considered jobs for generalists (that could bring you somewhere in between $ 35,000 and $ 80,000 per year) or specialists (and make some higher  earnings).

1.  HR entry-level jobs.  
These jobs normally require the existence of a HR management degree and some experience in the field; this particular job might ask candidates to enter data, revise handbooks, research supervisor information, with special emphasis on the actual training programs the candidate will need to attend for  further specialization.  A candidate who is yet to get a Bachelor's Degree while majoring in HR can win up to $ 35,000 as a starting salary.

2. Director of industrial relations. 
As a Director of industrial relations you will be supposed to supervise and implement industrial labor relations programs, prepare negotiations and get the best bargains for the entire personnel.  You could work in the federal government and earn about $ 73,000 a year, on average.

3. Director of human resources. 
Due to the ever-changing role of managers that has known some very important alterations during recent years, the duties of a Director of HR now focuses on many different areas; nonetheless, its main responsibilities include, but are not limited to being the supervisors of  the inferior departments.  A HR major can land you a pretty nice job that has some great salaries.

4.  Employee relations representative. 
Such a position normally means having to constantly develop and maintain the relationship between employees and general managers at all hierarchical levels, though the specific means.  To be able to fill such a position, you are going to need to own at least a Bachelor's degree in HR or some other similar discipline.

5.  Job analysis specialist.  
As a job analyst, you will be asked to develop employer programs and make sure all job classifications are accurate, all the right information is perfectly examined and all duties and responsibilities, rights and obligations are clearly expressed.

6.  International HR manager.  
One great asset of this particular job is the fact that it can enable you to do a lot of foreign travelling; your main responsibilities will be to handle all HR-related problems that are strongly connected to the company's overseas operations.

These are just some of the prospects getting a HR major could enable for you, so make sure you do not forget to include HR on your list of choices.

It is a good idea to ask an advisor or do some research so that you will learn more about a career in HR before starting a career with the field.  Start building your career by reading more in your chosen path and then get the appropriate education.

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