Building The Site and On page SEO

 Building The Site and On page SEO: Search engine optimization basics.Search engine optimization basics - Blogger isn’t that a free site service? Aren’t those for like myspace teens? And I heard they don’t rank well? I’ve got news for you buddy, Blogger is owned by Google, and Google loves playing favorites for rankings.

Blogger blogs rank excellently! Don’t believe me? Why don’t you do a search for “make money online” an extremely competitive search term? Guess who holds the number one position?

Yeah that’s right, it’s a Blogger blog. I’m telling you Google loves its own.
I am going to assume that our previous keyword “gold watches for men” didn’t have the fierce competition that it did for example purposes.** So head over to and click Create a Blog.
  • 1. Fill out your information in the first page.
  • 2. Blog title – Make sure you put your main keyword in the title for SEO purposes (so in this case “gold watches for men” would be the title)
  • 3. Blog Address – Make sure you put your main keyword as the URL for SEO TIP: If your main keyword is taken, just add a word to the end of it Ex. If “gold watches for men” is taken use “gold watches for men site”
  • 4. Choose one of the simple less flashy themes to ensure a high CTR. “Minima” is good. I will give a few sites where you can find more themes later.
  • 5. Click Start Blogging
  • 6. Go to the Settings Tab – In the Description Box – Put your main keyword here with a short description for SEO Purposes.
  • 7. Save Settings.
  • 8. Click the Monetize tab and choose display ads below my posts. I find this to be the best location for ads, as there are fewer ad blocks and the placement is optimized in between content.
  • 9. Click next and choose ad an existing AdSense account and enter your information.
  • 10. Now go back to the posting Tab and click new post. Make sure the title of your post is your main keyword. Compose 4-500 words of original content on your keyword. In our case “gold watches for men” I would write it in a product review style to entice your readers to be more interested in the product.
  • 11. Add an image of your product to the post by clicking the “image icon below” Make sure your image is named after your main keyword. Also change the alt “” part highlighted to alt “main keyword”. This will change the alt attribute of your image and help with SEO. Click Publish.
  • 12. Repeat steps 10-11 for your other long tail keywords only this time place your long tail keyword in place of your main keyword.

And that is it! Your site is now optimized properly for your three keywords and now you can start promoting it! I told you that keyword and competition research were the hardest parts!

By the way I mentioned that I would provide some places where you could get other Blogger themes. Here’s a few, but remember, clean simple themes are the best!

Promotion and Off Page SEO: So if we have done our keyword and competition research properly we won’t have to spend too much time promoting our websites to rank. There are many methods to promote a site everyone has their own style and preferences based on how they like to do things.

All of them work, to varying degrees. The core of all promotion though is building high powered backlinks, which will convince Google that your site deserves to be ranked higher in the Search Engines. Anchor Text and Backlinking

In terms of number of backlinks personally I make 30 backlinks to each page URL each week. By page URL I mean each post we made on our Blogger Blog. I do this until I rank in the top five on the first page.

Once I rank I reduce the number of links to 10 backlinks to each page URL each week to maintain. Once you are on the top position, you can probably slow down your promotions.

I only keep promoting if I lose rank at all. Some people are under the impression also that all links you get must be do-follow an html tag to get link juice. This is not the case. While no-follow links carry less link power than do follow, all links are good links.

One of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects to keep in mind when backlinking is to have proper anchor text for good off page SEO. Your anchor text should always be the keyword that you are trying to rank for as this is what the Google spiders use to tell what your site is about.

Here is an example, no matter where you drop your link using the tag below always use your keyword as the anchor text (bolded text).

You also have to remember to not just drop links to your main URL but to all three page URL posts you made in your Blogger blog. Also, remember to change the anchor text accordingly for each page (main keyword vs longtail keyword).

Enough with all this link building talk where do I drop these links? There are many places you can drop your links and I will explain them all to you.

Article Directories These directories hold massive amounts of articles. Users submit articles and in exchange are allowed to drop between 1-2 links back to their own websites. Many of these directories have high Page Rank so they provide very high quality links. I will walk you through submitting to one of the main directories Ezine Articles below.

  • 1. Go to and fill in all the required info.
  • 2. Login to the authors Area.
  • 3. Click Submit an Article now.
  • 4. Article Title/Abstract Summary/Article body –fill these out Tip : Do not write an article about your keyword. The reason for this is that your article may in fact outrank your site as Ezine already has a high PR. Instead write about anything else. Remember we are not trying to drive traffic from Ezine simply gain a valuable backlink. Try to make the article around 400 words to get approval.
  • 5. Drop your link in the author resource box, and remember to use keyword rich anchor text as stated above using the <ahref> html tag and hit submit.

Here is a list of many other directories you can use, sorted by PR, for the same purpose. While some people submit the same article to every directory, I suggest you at least rewrite the article a bit, as Google does not like indexing duplicate content, and if Google does not index the article you will not get the backlinks

Directory Name
Web Pro News
Site Reference
Free Articles
Articles Base Directory
Gobala Krishnan
DirectoryGold Article Directory
Afro Articles – Article Marketing Directory
InfoWizards Free Content Articles
Article Friendly
Article Submission
Free Articles for Reprint
Article Ardvaark
Submit Your New Article
Your Free Satellite
The Add Articles Directory
Article Blotter
1Article World
ABC Article Directory


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